Marketing has evolved over the years to become more technologically based. However, more traditional methods of marketing are still very much so present. Below are four marketing tips, including both traditional and new techniques.

  • Print marketing is still a great way to get your small business’ name out there. This is a traditional marketing method and it allows for those who are not fully involved on social media to get the chance to learn more about your business. This is also an eye-catching method of marketing as these print signs can be scattered around town in locations that individuals tend to congregate in.
  • Video marketing is on the rise as one of the newest marketing methods out there. It is very effective because it catches the viewers’ eye, and compels them to stay on the social media page or website longer than they normally would have done so. You can also get creative with these videos and allow them to show customers a more personal side to your business.
  • Although email marketing campaigns have been around for a while, they are still very effective ways to introduce customers to your products or services. It is known that this method of marketing amplifies your customer retention rates, as it keeps them consistently engaged with your business. This method keeps costs low, and offers opportunities to include discount codes and promotional information for these customers in a more direct way.
  • Consistently keeping up with your social media pages is key to customer engagement. Your social media presence can really define you and your business in the eyes of customers. Social media also offers an opportunity for you to connect with customers and excel in the realm of customer service.

Some of these marketing techniques have been used for years, and others are more new. Whether you wish to stick to print marketing, or invest more time into social media marketing, as long as you put your all into it, it will be a success!


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