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We offer coverage with simple, transparent benefits for doctor visits, preventive care, surgeries, hospital stays and more.

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Our goal is to provide you simple, transparent and affordable healthcare in today’s world where rapidly rising premiums, and unpredictable provider charges, make healthcare confusing and financially difficult to manage.

This is especially true when it comes to choosing a healthcare policy. Why choose a costly traditional “one size fits all” insurance policy when you can customize a plan that meets the expectations of medical needs for you and your family?

You have control over the design of your policy benefits. We can help you choose a plan that fits your family’s budget and healthcare needs today!

We compare prices on almost everything we buy and we should be doing the same for healthcare. We put the consumer in charge of their healthcare spending dollars and rewards consumers who practice smart healthcare management. No matter what the provider, doctor, or facility charges, your insurance benefits for covered services remain the same. Therefore, a dedicated consumer could receive excess benefit dollars directly in their pocket!

  • Customize a Plan to Fit your Healthcare and Budget Needs whether you are an Employer, Individual or Family.
  • Use any Doctor or Hospital of your choosing without Penalty or take advantage of additional savings through the nation’s Largest Network: PHCS – MultiPlan Network (utilizing Pre-Negotiated Rate for both Hospitals and Doctors).
  • $5,000,000 Lifetime Maximum per Individual
  • Tela-Health/Tela-Doc – Nationwide Doctor 24/7 Services by Phone from the Comfort of your home available to you as a Convenient Alternative to Doctor and Urgent Care visits saving you more time and money.
  • Included access to The Karis Group who will Negotiate the Total Cost of Planned Surgeries, Accident and Illness Related Hospital Stays Before you pay your bill.
  • 24 Hour Accident Coverage for Home or Work-related injuries that pays cash directly to you.
  • Critical Illness Coverage that pays cash directly you up to $50,000
  • Experience additional savings by calling our Healthcare PALs Team Hotline; a Dedicated Team focused on guiding you to smart healthcare management.
  • Renewability: The policy is guaranteed renewable to age 65.
  • Underwritten by a Top-Rated Company since 1926
  • Save up to 60% over Obamacare Plans
  • Deductibles range from $-0- up to $10,000 – Your preference
  • No Co-Pays
  • No Co-Insurance
  • Income Protection
  • Built-in Disability Insurance
  • Dental and Vision
  • Family Plan Discounts
  • Prescription Plan Options
  • 20 Doctor Visits per Year Included in All Plans
  • Built-in Term Life Insurance
  • 24/7 Tela-Doc Services

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