When it comes to Facebook advertising are you happy with your results? Are you brand new to Facebook advertising and not sure where to start?

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Facebook Advertising 101

There are a lot of important factors that go into a successful Facebook advertising campaign. Often times we see some of these essential items being overlooked. That truly makes the difference between success and failure with your campaign.


Facebook Pixel

First and foremost you need to have a Facebook Pixel installed on your website. You can do this by going to “Events” in your Facebook Business Manager account. Create the Pixel (which is a snippet of code) and install it on your website. The reason you want to do this is the Facebook Pixel captures people who visit your website. This allows you to get advertising in-front of your website visitors month over month. If you are just getting a singular ad in-front of someone new every time you create an ad then you are missing out on the point of branding. The power of advertising and marketing is to get in-front of your ideal customer consistently. You achieve this by having a Facebook Pixel installed.


This also has to do with the Facebook Pixel. You will also want to set up what are called “custom events.” Events allow you to segment your website visitors even more. Whether someone abandons their shopping cart, views a particular product or service, or does something else that is important to your sales process, you can get specific ads in-front of those people based on what actions they take on your website.

Choose a Goal

There are a variety of different objectives you can choose for your ad. Whether it is to get more followers on your channels, drive traffic to your website or a landing page, encourage engagement on a particular post, video views, or something else, you need to pick the right objective for your ad. You can’t do it all.


Make sure you are geo-targeting the areas where you are most likely to get customers. Unless you are a national company you most likely don’t want to target the entire country or even the entire state. After you select your geography you will want to have well-defined targeting for your ideal customer. Things like age groups, gender, specific interests or behaviors are all essential in a well-defined target customer.


Don’t settle for stock images. You want to make sure you are using high-quality pictures or videos that are specific to your business. Consider creating videos or slideshows with calls-to-action as they usually perform much better than an standalone image.


With your Facebook pixel installed you want to make sure you create what is called a “custom audience” in your Facebook Business Manager account. Add the custom audience you created from your Facebook Pixel into your ad to make sure it is being seen by people who visited your website or took some sort of meaningful action. When you do this consistently month-over-month you will ensure your business is being branded to warm leads or people who have shown interest in your business and have a much higher conversion rate than just putting an ad in-front of a random person once.

Bonus: Reporting

Make sure you understand the numbers behind your ads. You should A/B test different creative, different targeting options and different objectives to see what is performing best. Check out some screenshots from our own reporting to get a sense for what you should be focusing on.


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