Creating a digital marketing strategy for a local business is extremely important for attracting customers in your area. In order to target these local customers and increase their awareness of your business, there are certain steps you can take. Here we’ve outlined a few tips to follow to make this process easier.

Have a mobile friendly website

Anyone looking for a restaurant, store, or other local business is most likely going to do an initial search on their phone or mobile device. Without a mobile optimized site, it will be difficult for customers to find your business. Google’s mobile algorithm makes it so that businesses without mobile friendly websites may not show up in mobile search results, so make sure yours is!

Have a clean, professional website design

Customers looking for a specific product or service are going to look at your website to do some research prior to making a purchase. They are going to make a judgement about your business based on the website, so make sure that it looks professional and provides any relevant information, including an address, hours of operation, and multiple contact methods.

Have a clear call to action on your website

One goal that every website serves to achieve is to help your business gain customers. When a customer lands on your website, it should be clear to them how they should go about doing business with you. Let them know if they need to call and make an appointment, or if they can simply stop by during business hours. Whatever it is, make sure it is in a clear location on the site!

Regularly post on social media

In this age, we all know the importance of social media for marketing your business and targeting customers. Posting regularly and engaging with customers allows you to stay relevant in their minds. Helpful and informative content is always a great way to advertise your business and gain new customers.

Create locally optimized keywords

A super important part of your local digital marketing strategy is choosing keywords that are relevant to your business and geographic location. Targeting those looking for a yoga studio in another state won’t help, so make sure you include your location and information in keywords!

Again, these few tips are going to make a huge difference is the amount of traffic your business receives. Keep them in mind when creating your digital marketing strategy to convert those local shoppers into customers and watch your local business grow!


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