When starting an Instagram account for your business, the main goal is typically to promote your products or services to your target audience. But, in order to maximize your reach, you have to build up a large following. These tips will allow you to do just that.

  • Respond to your follower’s comments and questions
    Once you start posting, your followers may leave comments or questions on your posts. Reply to them!

    This will show your audience that you are happy to engage and develop relationships with them. Connecting with your followers on a more personal level is one of the most important things you can do to build your following. And if you’re just starting out and have a minimal following, this is super easy to do.

  • Leave comments
    When building a following, you should always be on the offense. It is up to you to start reaching out and connecting with others, and an easy way to do this is by leaving comments on photos of some people you follow. When you put thought into these comments, people will notice that and are likely to reciprocate the engagement!
  • Post often & at the right time
    People want to follow active accounts, so you have to post at least a few days a week. It is completely up to you, but a steady flow of content throughout the week often leads to more followers. You can easily plan out your posts at the start of each week with a content calendar so that it is easier to manage across various social media accounts. You also need to make sure you are posting at optimal times. The Instagram algorithm works by giving more priority to posts with higher engagement, meaning that the more likes and comments your post receives, the more visibility your post will get. There is a lot of research out there about the best time to post, so find what time your users are usually active and post when you know they’ll be most engaged! 
  • Use hashtags
    Hashtags are extremely important. They allow users that are interested in those topics to find your posts, so make sure your hashtags are relevant to the content and reflect your brand. A great way to find relevant hashtags is by typing a relevant keyword into the Instagram search box and looking to see what comes up. The most popular ones show up at the top, so those are the ones that will allow you to receive more engagement.You can use as many as 30 hashtags on Instagram, and although using more hashtags won’t necessarily guarantee you grow a huge following, it can give you an edge, so keep that in mind when deciding how many you want to use! As long as you use enough to convey your brand and emphasize your content, you should be able to reach more people.
  • Come up with killer captions
    Pictures and videos are obviously a huge part of determining how many likes you get, but the caption is often just as important. Choose captions that make sense for your brand’s personality. They can be funny, informative, clever, entertaining, or whatever you want them to be. As long as they catch the reader’s eye, your following will grow as people will want to see what you come up with next.
  • Follow other accounts
    Lastly, be sure to continuously follow other accounts. Aim for a certain number of accounts to follow each week and stick to that goal. Try following similar businesses, people who live in your area, or those who are interested in what your business offers. As long as your content is high-quality and relevant to them, most of the accounts you follow will return the favor and give you a follow back!

If you follow these tips and implement them into your social media strategy, you will steadily gain more followers. If you’re new to Instagram, this is a great way to start building up that following. And if you’ve been on the app for a while, you can grow your following even more, meaning more brand exposure, networking opportunities, and ultimately an increase in sales!


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