Online marketing: two words that mean the world for your small business. Today, almost everyone turns to the online world to find out about practically anything. This is why advertising online is something that has to be done for most businesses, but it has to be done strategically. Here are a few tips that will help you design effective online ads that convert visitors into customers.

  • Understand the goal
    As a small business, you need marketing to get the word out about your business. The goal is to tailor your campaigns to your niche audience. Instead of creating a general campaign, tweak it so that it appeals to local markets in order to make them more effective. Even little things like text length and banner placement can make a huge difference when it comes to click-throughs and conversion rates. Everything- from the language to the design- must be consistent with your brand image and message you are trying to send!
  • Outline your plan of action
    You are going to need to create a game plan if you want your ads to reach their full potential. The more tailored your ads are to your target audience, the better you will be able to get through to that specific demographic. Let’s say you’re planning on having an event to promote your products. You can use ads targeted by ZIP code to let your customers know about the event going on near them. This is much more effective than targeting customers far away that aren’t going to be interested. Keep it localized to boost brand awareness and customer loyalty!
  • Create compelling calls to action
    Most of your ads should have a specific call to action to really prompt your customers to act. They should be visually appealing to catch their attention and get them to click, but they should also be pretty brief. People are more likely to read something that is short and direct rather than something that is long and unclear. An example of an effective call-to-action would be something like “download your free ebook,” as it tells customers what value they are getting out of it and intrigues them to learn more.
  • Focus on your audience
    Instead of just telling potential customers what your company does, emphasize how it can specifically help them. Focus your messaging on what problem or challenge you can solve for them. Then, use different calls to action to improve their buying experience. Just make sure that you are focused on the customer and how you can improve their lives as best as possible!

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that your ads are relevant, thoughtful, and resonate with your target audience. If you ever feel stuck, put yourself in your potential customers’ shoes and think about what you would want to hear. With online marketing, your advertising can go a lot farther, and by constantly tweaking your ads and figuring out what works, you will start to see improvements in your advertising efforts and an increase in your conversion rate.

If you’re looking for more advertising assistance, and how you can improve your online presence, we can help with that!



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