Now that you’ve learned how to drive traffic to your Instagram and Blog pages, here are some tips on how to drive traffic to your Facebook page! Facebook is a great marketing tool because it has numerous amenities that allows businesses to better market themselves for customers. Having a large base of personal followers (family members, friends, and coworkers) is great, but successful businesses must learn how to convert followers to customers! Continue reading to learn how you can drive more traffic to your page!

Offer exclusive deals! Followers are more likely to engage with your Facebook page if you offer them deals that are exclusive to Facebook. Try to email customers inviting them to join your Facebook i.e. “ Follow our Facebook for some great deals. This deal is exclusive to our Facebook group.”

Offer giveaways to bring followers that will engage with your page! Giveaways are especially helpful for getting brand new followers. Try offering a product to the winner of a giveaway and ask them to tag their friends and follow to enter. Or, try having a contest where people need to ask their friends to vote! This will bring people who may have never found your page to follow you.

Make sure that you’re posting enough! In order to engage with followers, make sure that you are posting content weekly or biweekly. Try keep followers interested, try to vary your content by switching between ads, tutorials, promotional information, and then fun and interesting events.

Engage with followers. Try to reach out to new followers, followers want to feel like they are valued and appreciated, and this is a really easy way to do so. It is important that you respond to reviews and comments that are directed towards you. Whether they are compliments or complaints, addressing all comments are important.


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