A big challenge these days involves customer engagement on businesses’ social media pages. It’s very easy to catch a person’s eye here or there with content, however, keeping customers engaged long-term is a necessity for a stable business. There are numerous things your company can do to maximize consumer interest in your products and services, and keep them interested over time.

As a business owner, you want to retain a customer base, not just for the number above the “Followers” icon on Instagram, but retain ACTUAL followers of your business, who wish to keep up with your business for an extended period of time. The key to first reeling in these customers is knowing your audience. This makes your social media content more personalized, giving customers something more to connect to and stay interested in. An effective way of doing this is a five-step approach developed by Brent Trotter, of Clique Studios. * The approach breaks down the process of learning and knowing your audience into interviews and observations, analyzing data collected, uncovering patterns, grouping participants by “archetype,” and creating a comprehensive summary of your findings. By going through this step-by-step process, your dedication to customers is made clear.

So, once you know who is interested in your products or services, consistent engagement is essential. A very crucial aspect to this is the idea of fast responses. When a business can interact quickly with consumers via social media, etc. it shows their commitment to them, as well as demonstrating the business’ mission. Quick replies to consumer inquiries demonstrates a sense of attention to detail in the customer experience, with a drive to always do better as a business. To take this one step further, if positive reviews are produced by consumers, it is best to amplify that message across your social media or website pages in order to enhance this sense of customer commitment.

Finally, one of the most beneficial things your business can do to engage personally with customers is to show that you all are human too. By posting, sharing, and reposting content surrounding relatable struggles, experiences, and humor, your business is effectively connecting with potential customers viewing your material. This allows these potential customers the feeling that they are interacting and following an actual person, rather than a faceless business. * Again, these relatable posts and shared content can be anything from taking a stand on a pressing social issue, to a humorous joke relating to life today. No matter what, a light-hearted human-to-human interaction is beneficial on both the business’ end, and the customer’s.

With customers constantly on-the-go these days, it can be difficult to grasp their attention for a longer duration of time. As difficult as this is, it is far from impossible. By becoming familiar with your audience, quickly responding to customer feedback, and posting relatable content to your pages allows your business to connect on a more personal note with customers from wherever, whenever.



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