Facebook marketing is no longer optional these days. If your business hasn’t already established itself on this platform, hop on board now! Because we want you to make the most of your Facebook marketing experience, follow these tips to help you excel on the platform and start engaging your users with great content!

1. Understand your Audience

Knowing what makes your audience tick will help you to better market your products or services towards them. Luckily, Facebook has tools that help to better understand your audience. Facebook’s Ads Manager allows you to target custom audiences based on their interests, gender, location, and more. With this tool, you can create content tailored to the audience you have, and content that will attract the audience you want.

2. Talk with your audience, not at them

Simply talking about your products all day is a sure way to turn your audience off. Encourage interaction with your audience by asking questions that you know will interest them and get them to start talking. You could also boost engagement with contests, polls and quizzes, “caption this image” posts, or “fill in the blank” posts. These are simple ways to keep your audience interested and excited to see what content you will post next.

Another thing to remember when engaging your audience is to add a personal touch. Your followers are more likely to respond to your posts when they are casual and warm. Of course it is important to remain professional, but a personal touch can go a long way and proves that you’re a team of humans, just like your followers. Share photos of your team and what’s going on with the company. People want to know they are interacting with humans, not cold robots.

3. Join the right groups

Facebook groups are a great way to reach already-established audiences in certain niches. To begin, start finding some interesting groups in your industry. Then, narrow down your search by searching for groups limited to your city, or ones that focus on a specific area of interest. Once you find your groups, become a resource. Help solve peoples’ problems, and prove that you know what you’re talking about. This way, people will start to take you seriously, and it makes your brand more credible too.

You could also use these groups for marketing research purposes. If you’re developing a product, ask your Facebook groups which features they’d use the most. Not only are you gaining valuable feedback, but your customers also feel like they have a hand in creating a new product that they’re interested in.

4. Start using videos

Finally, consider using videos to keep users interested. People love to see videos in their feed, and in fact 76% of American Facebook users seek out new videos on the social network. Of course, videos are pretty hard to ignore. They take up more space on your feed, and they require less effort to watch rather than reading a long paragraph of text. Videos are also shared more often, which expose your brand to many new audiences. All you have to do is post video filled with quality content, and your fans will do the rest!

Facebook is a place where people go to learn, be entertained, and to socialize, which is why it is so important for companies to use it to their advantage. Facebook marketing can take some time to truly master, but if you follow these tips, you’ll be on the right track.


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