Hashtags: What are they exactly and what do they do?

A hashtag is a word or phrase that comes after a hash mark (#) and is used on various social media platforms to group together content that relates to the same topic. This is useful for people who are interested in a certain topic, because once you search for that hashtag, anything you can find online about that topic is at your fingertips.

Because social media platforms have expanded so much and are so popular these days, hashtags allow you to break through the noise and attract those who are genuinely interested in the content that you focus on. They are especially important for small businesses, as they give your brand visibility. So, now that you know why hashtags are so important, here’s how you can find the best hashtags for your content!

  • Do a Twitter Search
    Twitter is where hashtags all began, so this platform has the most extensive collection of hashtags. Here, you can search for keywords relevant in your industry and whatever fits with your content. You want to choose ones that are most popular, so that you can optimize your reach! There is also a page on Twitter that shows what hashtags are trending at the moment. Find ones that are tailored to you based on your location, so you can use these relevant hashtags to your advantage when posting content. It is also important to note that although Twitter has a vast collection of hashtags, you can also search for them on other social media platforms like Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn! 
  • Use a Hashtag Tool
    When first starting out, it can be difficult to determine which hashtags work best for your brand and the content you are promoting. Luckily, there are online tools that allow you to search for hashtags, find definitions for certain ones, and analyze the effectiveness of them. Some examples are Hashtags.org and Hashtagify.me. If you want to make sure that the hashtags you use are effective, take a look at these helpful sites.
  • Create Your Own Hashtags for Your Brand
    Not only do you just have to use hashtags that are popular and trending, but you can also create your own hashtags to promote your own brand. These hashtags should be unique, but also make sense for your business, so that people can use it to promote your brand. You can have your followers use your hashtag when posting content with your products or services to be entered into a contest or giveaway, which would also serve to increase visibility and the popularity of your hashtag. People interested in your brand can then search for your hashtag to see user-generated content related to your brand, which is a great way to boost sales. 
  • Pay Attention to What Your Competitors Use
    While it might not be the best idea to copy the exact hashtags that your competitors are using, it is a good idea to keep an eye on them to give you some ideas for your own. Of course, you will have different hashtags that relate better to your brand, but some are bound to overlap. In addition to your competitors, you should also look at what influencers in your industry are using. This will give you a comprehensive list of hashtags that you can use to bring in more traffic to your page!

So, next time you plan on sharing content on social media, use one or more of the above tactics to use the most effective hashtags for your brand and boost your reach. Hashtags are constantly changing with new trends, so always be on the lookout for what is trending each week. Once you find the hashtags that work best for your content, you will be better able to bring awareness to your brand and reach new audiences.


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