If you’re looking to reach more people and share your brand’s message with the world, Instagram is the perfect place to start. With so many changes in the past year, it is important to keep up with new trends and what interests people, so that you can stand out to them. Here’s how you can grow your following and increase brand awareness on Instagram!

  • Use Instagram Reels
    Instagram recently released Instagram Reels, which is similar to the types of clips found on Tik Tok. With Instagram Reels, you can record up to 30-second video clips set to music. The best part about them is that they can show up on users’ main feed and explore page, meaning your reel has the potential to be shown to people who might not follow you, but are interested in the kind of content you create. And- because this feature is so new, it’s a good idea to get started with it now, while competition is still low. You could even go viral, and gain hundreds of followers just from one video!
  • Create an IGTV Series
    Remember when Instagram released IGTV? Today, many users still enjoy watching these mini TV series on the app as a source of entertainment. Creating an IGTV series for your business is a unique way to connect with your audience as well as reach new audiences. People love to watch video content, so think about what your audience is interested in, and consider creating a series around it!
  • Create Authentic Shareable Content
    On Instagram, shared content is one of the best ways to reach new people and spread your message. Users are often interested in what the people they follow post and repost, so make sure your content is truly authentic. By opening up to your audience and making them feel like your friends, they are more likely to share your content with their own community of followers. The Instagram algorithm tends to favor posts that get more engagement, so if people share your posts on their Instagram stories, it will boost your post on peoples’ feeds. With enough engagement, it could even end up on the explore page. More exposure = more followers, and who doesn’t want that?!
  • Write Longer Captions
    Audiences want to know more about your brand and the people behind it. For this reason, sharing lengthier captions on posts that give greater insights into the brand can help to draw in more followers and build a stronger community. Now that Instagram allows users to search for specific keywords like “outfit inspiration” or “food photography,” you can include these keywords into your longer captions to attract more of your target audience to your page. 

Growing your Instagram following can seem daunting, but with the right strategies, you will definitely see an uptick in the amount of Instagram followers you have. Just remember to have fun with it, after all, the app was created for that exact reason. Challenge yourself to try out some of these techniques, and see how much your account can grow!


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