Do you struggle with consistently coming up with ideas to market your business?


One of the biggest issues we hear from small business owners is they can’t come up with consistent marketing ideas.

We have the answer.

In this blog post we will teach you how you can come up with 1 singular idea for a piece of content and stretch it into 6 different marketing initiatives.

We aren’t going to lie, this does take time.

But unfortunately when it comes to your marketing there is no quick fix.

Marketing your business is simply time consuming if you are going to do it yourself.

There is no way around it.

With that being said, let’s get into exactly how you can stretch 1 content idea into 6 marketing initiatives for your business.

Coming Up With Your Content Idea

First things first, you have to come up with a content idea.

Think about common questions or issues your audience might have or are experiencing.

What would be helpful to them that isn’t overtly a sales pitch?

Maybe it is obvious what would appeal to your audience, maybe it isn’t.

If it isn’t obvious you can try the following things (in no particular order)

Conduct a survey using Google Forms or some other type of survey service

You can create a series of questions in your form and email it out to your subscribers as well as post it to your followers on social media.

Ask them what they want to hear and see from you.

Google Forms

Start typing a search term into Google and see what the popular search queries are

You will be able to see a list of popular search queries based on keywords you start typing into Google search.

Chances are your followers might be interested in some of the same topics.

Google Search Results

Use the HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator

The HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator tool lets you enter up to 5 nouns and will generate some topics for you to create content on.

HubSpot Blog Ideas

Look to your competitors

Do your competitors have a blog?

Check out some of their more popular article topics and simply write a better post than them.

Make it longer, more detailed, more pictures, include a video as well, an infographic, and anything else that will make it a better overall post.

Ok, now that we have a content idea let’s talk about what we do with it.

Take That Content Idea and Create a Blog Post

There are so many great options for hosting a blog.

If you don’t have a blog, first, check to see if your website provider has a blog template your can use, whether it is GoDaddy, WordPress, or any other.

A simple Google search will pull up dozens of popular blogging sites to create a free blog.

Your blog post on your content idea should be very detailed.

As detailed as possible.

Use plenty of pictures as well.

Don’t publish your post just yet.

Let’s move on to the next few steps first

Create an Infographic

Take your content idea and turn it into an infographic or some other type of visual content.

A site like Canva can help you turn your idea into visual content.

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say we write a blog post on “5 Social Media Myths.”

We can take those 5 myths and put them into a creative little infographic.

Once we have that created I want you to put a call to action in your blog post that links to a form where someone can download that piece of visual content.

The form should only require a few piece of information for them to receive the download.

The more information you ask for, the higher the chance is your reader will abandon the form.

Put the call to action on a few different places on your blog.

This should be a fair exchange of information.

If you are simply providing an infographic I wouldn’t suggest asking for the reader’s address, date of birth, etc.

First name, and email address and one other piece of information should suffice.

Likewise, if you are in an industry where you are providing something that will take a significant amount of time like an interior designer looking to do a free 30 minute in-home consultation then it may be appropriate to ask for information such as the readers address since you want to weed out as many tire-kickers as possible.

Ok, now we have our infographic and have added multiple calls-to-action on our blog post with forms to download the content we can move on to the 3rd marketing initiative.


Create a Video on Your Content Idea

You can use free video software such as OBS to create your video content.

Take your content idea and expound on it in video format.

Once you have a video created on your topic you can post it on YouTube.

If you don’t have a YouTube channel you can simply Google or YouTube “How to create a YouTube Channel.”

There are hundreds of walk-throughs.

Once you have posted your video to YouTube you can take that video and embed it in your blog post.

Now your blog post should have the written content, multiple calls-to-actions linking to download your infographic, and a video embedded in your post incase someone would rather watch a video on your topic instead of reading about it.

Now you can schedule your blog post to be published.

3 marketing initiatives down off 1 topic idea, 3 to go.


Post Your blog post on Your Social Channels

Take your blog post and cross promote it on all your social channels.

Make sure you are optimizing your posts with captivating images that are sized correctly for all the different social channels, and post it at optimal times.

4 marketing initiatives down off 1 topic idea, 2 to go.

Social Media Marketing

Advertise Your Blog Post on Your Social Channels

Facebook & Instagram advertising are great places to advertise your blog post.

Remember, your blog topic should be helpful content your followers and subscribers will find useful.

If your followers and subscribers will find it helpful, chances are other people will do the same.

By driving more traffic to your blog, since it is now well-optimized with multiple call-to-action buttons to capture reader information it is a great way to gain more subscribers for your blog and more potential customers.

Now that we have advertised our blog post we have 5 marketing initiatives down.

Ready for the last one?

Include Your Blog Topic in Your Email Marketing

Create a captivating newsletter that offers helpful content to your email subscriber list.

Include your recent blog post.

Make sure you are following email marketing best practices.

Don’t spam your subscribers with constant pitches.

Make sure it is easy for your subscribers to unsubscribe if they wish.

If you are going for a newsletter style email make sure it is clean, has nice visuals and clear call-to-action buttons.

Email Marketing (3)


Congratulations, you just took 1 content idea and stretched it into 6 different marketing initiatives.

  • Blog Post
  • Infographic or Other Visual Content
  • Video
  • Social Post
  • Advertising
  • Email Marketing

It is time consuming, but as I said in the opening, marketing your business is time consuming.

If you are interested in having us work with you to help make your digital marketing more effective, feel free to reach out with any questions or we can book a short call to speak.
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