Do you want to get more out of our Instagram presence? We have 8 tips that will make sure your Instagram strategy doesn’t go stale.

8 Ideas for Your Instagram Strategy


Contest or Giveaway

Hosting a contest is always a great way to re-energize your Instagram engagement. Put up a prize and ask people to comment with something relevant to be entered for a chance to win. An example could be a restaurant asking people to comment with their favorite menu item. The possibilities are endless. Take a short video of you picking the winner and announcing them on your page. You will see an increase in followers and engagement with little effort on your part.

Use Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels are Instagram’s answer to Tik-Tok. They are short, fun videos. They also happen to be very popular. Use these videos to have some fun in your business, showcase your personality and market your business. Some examples of ideas you can use are “how-to videos,” “behind the scenes look at your business,” “fun facts about you,” etc.

Ask a Question

Sometimes just posing a simple question on your page in 1 sentence can be a great way to get people to engage. Something like “What is the first thing you look for before doing business with someone?” will not only get people talking but also give you some insight as to how your potential customers think.


Did you know there are certain times of the day that are best to post? You want to maximize the amount of people that are going to see your posts. There is social software out there that can help make sure you are posting at the right times so you don’t miss an opportunity.

Be Personable

One of the biggest mistakes we see are businesses who try to be serious all the time on Instagram and Facebook. While that might be understandable on LinkedIn, Instagram is different. You need to show your personality and make it fun. People go on Instagram because its fun and entertaining. You can still get a serious message across while keeping it light. Things like fun graphics, videos, “fun facts about the owner,” contests, quotes, sharing your hobbies and interests are all things that can play well on Instagram

When in Doubt Post a Puppy

Do you or someone in your business have a pet? Post them! Pets always do really well in Instagram and show a human side of your company.

Keep it Casual

Don’t try to overly explain a product or service on your social media. Your social media should be thought of as a funnel. You want to just pique someone’s interests or engage with them and funnel them off your social to your website or blog where you can expound on a topic. Too often we see businesses posting paragraphs of text about a product or service or why someone should buy from them. If you come across as helpful, likeable, and are appealing to a need you can encourage the potential customer to learn more on your blog, capture their information with lead capture widgets like chatbots, forms, landing pages, and then engage with them on a phone call to present your services.

Use the Correct Hashtags

Your hashtags are a great way for your ideal customers to find your content. Make sure you are mixing in hashtags that are relevant to your products or services, and also the locations you are targeting.


If you are unsure if you can keep up with your social media marketing consistently or just aren’t tech savvy, speak with a company who can do it for you. One of the worst things you can do is have long gaps between posting. You essentially lose a good portion of the followers you have been working hard to obtain as people stop interacting with your posts it is less likely they will see your posts in the future when you pick it up again.

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