These days, we find ourselves scrolling aimlessly through social media pages. From Instagram to Facebook to Twitter, it seems never-ending. Content all blurs together on these social media platforms, making it difficult for posts to stand out. These days, the use of embedded video clips on the websites and social media outlets of small businesses has made users and followers far more engaged than ever before.

Video clips catch a user’s eye. A customer is used to simply seeing bland, static images when they scroll through their feed, however your small business can stand out by implementing the usage of video clips on your pages. A video clip can make customers feel more compelled to act, as the interactivity is far greater when presented with a video than a still image. Video clips can include images of your business’ merchandise getting utilized, or examples of the services you offer being performed. This is an effective advertising method as it brings your product or service to life in seconds. By using these video clips in your small business’ social media, you are building brand trust between your small business and the customer, as they can see the reliability of your products or services right in the video clip.

Additionally, video clips are more likely to evoke emotions out of a customer. Depending on which type of emotional response your product or service is seeking out of a customer, you are able to better elicit this emotion by embedding video clips in your social media pages or even on your website. This is because actions speak louder than words. Rather than just writing a blurb on your social media with a plain picture demonstrating how great your product or service is, you are able to bring your small business to life by including video clips. In fact, 92 percent of marketers said that video is an important strategy of theirs, with 87 percent saying video has increased their website traffic and 83 percent stating that video has helped to generate more leads. * This draws a positive connection between the usage of embedded video clips and a better response towards your small business on behalf of customers.

Websites aside, if you are able to figure out how to tailor your advertising to the right audience using the right platform, you can really set your business up for success. According to Brightcove’s 2018 Video Marketing Survey, 85 percent of millennial shoppers have said that they went through with the purchase of a good or service after watching a video of this good or service being advertised. * With the rise of social media and technologically dependent generations, your small business can use this to your advantage to gain loyal customers.

There are many video ideas out there that businesses everywhere can use to their benefit and gain more of a customer base in doing so. One is advertising a product launch. This can be a very exciting time for your business, so sharing this excitement with those who you want to buy this new product is very effective. Not only should you make videos about this new product, but incorporating videos regarding the actual launch of this product makes for a more tight-knit community of supportive customers of your business. Another interesting video idea for your small business to utilize is one regarding the “behind the scenes” of your business and how it runs. * This emphasizes transparency in how your company runs, and gives customers a firsthand look at the office, employees, and things of that nature. One last effective use of embedded video clips in social media pages and websites is “vlog style” videos. These are more personalized, and include someone from your business talking to the camera in a relaxed setting. Again, stressing transparency and a more personal connection with customers.

Now, get out there, get creative, and start filming videos today to grow your business more effectively and personally.


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