Starting off the new year right is something we all want to do. There are ways to start your social media, Instagram in particular, off on the right note this year. Below are five of the best practices for your small business to increase followers and in turn, grow your customer base rapidly.

  • Hashtags are very important because as long as you have a public Instagram account for your small business, your photos get mixed in with everyone else’s who uses the same hashtag. Therefore, if people are interested in a certain product or service and search by that specific hashtag, your business and your competition will come up. It is important to research and find the best hashtags for your business. This will in turn increase your following and customer base. So now that your pictures will be found amongst your competition’s photos, how do we differentiate your content?
  • High-quality Instagram filters or presets obtained elsewhere are essential to allow for your Instagram feed to be eye-catching, and look professional. You will want your whole feed to blend and match in colors, yet still catch the viewer’s eye. Find something about your pictures that stands out; whether it is colors, prints, a theme, or these filters, this is a sure way to separate you from competition who may have duller, less eye-catching feeds.
  • Posting at the right times of the day is essential for your small business to be a success on Instagram. First test out times that you think would be good to post during. Then, compare likes and story views for these various times. The times during which you have the most active followers viewing stories, and liking or commenting on your pictures, are the best times to gain a customer’s full attention. If they are just quickly checking social media during, say their lunch break, they may not take the time to actually look into your business or invest in your business. However, if you focus on peak times during the day, you can really increase your following and customer base just by posting at those times during the day.
  • Additionally, organizing your Instagram stories into highlights on your main page is a great way to leave resources about your business open to your followers. Therefore, new people can start following or buying from you whenever they want, and all of your information is provided. This will allow followers to make an educated decision when choosing to invest in your small business as they have all of the information necessary. This can also be a great place to put images and videos of events that were previously broadcasted to your followers in past stories. Therefore, new followers can see your business’ memories and get a real taste for your company culture.
  • Finally, in all of your posts, make sure to tag your location. This will spread local awareness of your small business and where it is. This could incline people more to shop in person if you have that as an option. Also, this will place your small business in a follower’s direct community, making them more apt to shop with you often.

The ideas previously mentioned are free and easy ways to improve how your small business functions on Instagram. Use these five tips and tricks to help increase followers and thus, increase customers rather quickly.


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