So, what do you do if you Facebook Ads Account has been disabled?

Your first inclination might be to panic.

However, we are here to show you the steps you can take to try to recover it and also the red flags to keep an eye on in order to avoid it happening again.

What to Do if Your Facebook Ads Account is Disabled

Contact Support

If you go to Facebooks Business Help Center you have a choice to contact support. Please note; this feature is only available Monday through Friday. Most likely, the support person will not be able to recover your account but in my experience, they are always really helpful when issues come up and seem to be the quickest way to get an answer and submit an appeal.

Most people don’t even realize Facebook has a live chat feature where you can speak with a support team member.

Facebook Support

Be patient

I know it can be really frustrating when you don’t know why your account was disabled and you can’t get a specific answer. After you submit an appeal after chatting with support the best piece of advice I can give is to be patient. It will usually take a few days for you to receive an answer on your account. If you keep checking on the status every 10 minutes you will drive yourself crazy. Focus on getting other things accomplished and wait for your answer. I always find when going through the Facebook support team that I receive an answer on an issue after 2 days or so.

How to See if Your Account is in Danger Before it Gets Disabled

Take All Warnings Seriously: Typically, you will receive some sort of warning in your email or when you log into your Facebook Business Manager account for any issues. Don’t just ignore these warnings and keep doing what you’re doing.

Facebook will email you when ads are rejected for any number of reasons. Don’t just ignore these emails. Make sure you take a look at your ad and the reason it was rejected. Facebook will usually give you the opportunity to edit your ad and resubmit it. If you think the ad was rejected by mistake, you can submit an appeal to have someone manually take a look at it.

Take a Look at Your Account Quality

In your Facebook Business Manager account there is a place where you can check out your account quality. Simply use the left hand navigation bar to select “Account Quality.” You can see how many ads were rejected in the past 30 days. You can even click on your ad account to see a deeper dive into the past 6 months. If you had any ads rejected it will break down the reasons why.

Facebook Ad Account Quality

Take a Minute and Read the Ad Policies

This is something I see often. Businesses will have an ad be rejected and instead of reading the Facebook ad policy and understanding why it was rejected, they keep making the same mistake over and over. This can end up being why your account becomes disabled. You may have simply had too many ads rejected in a certain time period. When an ad is rejected it gives a reason. Look that particular ad policy up and don’t make the same mistake over and over.

Facebook Ad Policies

Just Because it is Legal Doesn’t Mean Facebook Allows You to Advertise it

You have to understand, Facebook is a business. They don’t just serve the business community but also its users who aren’t businesses. There are groups of content which receive high amounts of negative feedback and just simply aren’t allowed to be advertised. Make sure you jump in the advertising policies and see if your business falls into any of the prohibited content that Facebook won’t allow you to advertise. You may save yourself a ton of time and frustration by simply realizing that what you are selling just isn’t a fit for Facebook Advertising.

Bonus Tip

Ok, so we discussed some of the ways you can make sure you ad account doesn’t get disabled in the future and also the best way to recover your disabled account. Let’s talk about ad quality. In order to be successful with Facebook Advertising you should really make sure you are putting out quality content that your community finds helpful and interesting. You can actually check out on your “Negative Feedback” on the ads & posts you put out. You can see how many people hid your post, reported it as spam, unliked your page or hid all your posts. If you see a lot of negative feedback it is an indication you aren’t putting our content your audience wants to see. Rethink your strategy.

Facebook Post Negative Feedback

If you want some ideas to market your business that don’t have to do with advertising make sure you check out our guide by clicking the link below.


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