When the holidays end, it can feel as though time is dragging on forever. There are some things your small business can do to keep customers engaged and optimistic this time of year.

Make sure that in your marketing campaigns, you highlight the positives of winter. Mention being “cozy” and “warm” opposed to drawing attention to the rougher parts of the season. This can all be done using specific wording with positive connotations regarding the winter months of January on.

To add on, take advantage of this change in season and post images expressing the positives of the winter season. There are many joyous symbols relating to the winter season that can not only draw customers to your pages, but make them happy amongst all of this chaos. Nostalgic images mixed with more modern ones will put customers at ease, and make them feel comfortable with investing in a business like yours.

Hosting contests during the winter can promote interactive relationships between your business and customers. Your small business should have customers share a photo or video of their favorite winter memory to their own social media page, and tag your business in the post to be entered into the contest. This once again will make customers excited about your business, and the current season.

Seasonal offers are very beneficial to give customers something to look forward to. Things like semi-annual sales and winter deals are a great way of creating a mutually beneficial relationship with customers. Your business will grow your customer base through offering deals and incentives, and customers benefit by receiving these discounts. They will then spread the word about how great your business is, creating a cycle that supports your small business.

Offering sneak peeks into the spring season can keep customers coming back to your business opposed to others. Whether it is introducing new services that are to come, or new pieces of merchandise debuting this spring, customers are sure to stick with you waiting for these things to come available next season. Make sure to market appropriately with things like countdowns or interactive videos that make customers eager for what is to come.

Finally, this time of the year can be tough for so many out there. It is important to give back as a small business whenever possible. Let the community and your customers know of your contributions to society, whether donating time or money, on your social media pages. That way, you are giving back to the community and showing customers that your small business wishes to make a difference to those around you.

Hopefully the ideas above will give your small business some inspiration to reach customers effectively during the dreary days of winter after the holidays.


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