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MySpace, AIM, Skype, Vimeo and Vine have died. So many popular routes of communication have passed on because they are consistently overtaken by larger social beasts such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. But the one form of communication that is often seen as “outdated” but has yet to meet its demise is email. Why is this? Email streamlines communication in a more professional manner. Besides this, email is immediate, it leaves a trail of records and it’s extremely low cost. tells us that their recent study showed that every $1 spent on an email marketing campaign produced $44 in revenue. And it makes sense. 58% of adults (in this same study) said that the first thing they do in the morning and last thing they do before bed is check their email, and then check their social media. The beginning of every person’s day can start and end with your marketing campaigns. An email focused on nothing but your products and services takes away all distractions and makes your company the focus of those moments.

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Similarly, another form of immediate and effective professional communication that has yet to meet its demise is live chat. Live chat is similar to email because it is low cost, leaves a trail of records and is immediate. If email marketing campaigns aren’t for you, check our our LIVE CHAT products. Get connected with clients and potential customers FAST with email campaigns or live chat windows.  

How To: Create an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

  1. Establish your Goals

What are you trying to do? Drive Sales? Promote a Cause? Spread the Word about a product?
  1. Create your email list

What type of people will actually read your emails? Add customers that are already using your products or services because you know that they find your business valuable. From there, make sure that your businesses’ website has a spot where a potential customer can fill in their contact to receive their emails.
  1. Create a Campaign

There are four types of email marketing campaigns: newsletters, marketing offers, announcements and event invitations.
  • Newsletters focus on providing information to customers without pushing sales.
  • Marketing offers focus on driving sales through attractive promotions.
  • Announcements focus on building the reputation of your company by keeping subscribers updated on “what’s new.”  
  • Event invitations focus on increasing awareness of a company’s event to bolster attendance in hopes of driving sales.
  1. Structure your campaign

It is essential that the physical layout is neat and not wordy. Your subscribers inbox are more likely than not, inundated with emails from many different businesses, so keep your layout aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate so that subscribers will be more apt to be interested in your email. It is also extremely important to not over-tailor your emails. Your messages should be a bit generic so that any and all subscribers might be interested in it’s content. Finally, it is key that you make your emails easy to convert, meaning that you make it easy for your emails to send your subscribers to your webpage where they can learn more about the product or service.
  1. Press send!

After sending your emails, be sure to record the response rate of these emails to know how to better structure your emails to convert subscribers to customers.

Top 3 Most Successful Political Ad Campaigns





With the political controversy going on in America today, most companies avoid the mention of any politics in their advertisements to avoid potential backlash. Thinking back to recent political advertisements that caught our attention, we can all think of a few that were extremely unsuccessful (i.e. Kendall Jenner Pepsi Commercial 2017), however some companies hit the nail on the head with their political advertisements, and it’s safe to say the reward was worth the risk.


2011 – Chipotle: “Back to the Start” 

Chipotle’s “Back to the Start” Ad brought attention to the need for improved sustainable farming in the food production process. Chipotle is considered a fast food chain; a restaurant chain most commonly thought of as serving inexpensive, low quality food. By confronting the topic of the food production process and food quality head on, Chipotle differentiated themselves from other fast food chains. Chipotle preempted any potential backlash they could have received regarding their process for making food, and changed their image from a typical fast food chain, to a restaurant serving high quality, sustainably farmed fresh food. Chipotle’s campaign focused viewers attention on the fact that they were taking an initiative to inform people of an issue with other restaurants’ food sourcing, rather than the fact that they were also marketing themselves and trying to improve their image.  —  Video Link


2017 – Heineken: “Worlds Apart”

Heineken’s “Worlds Apart” ad campaign showcased two average people with opposing beliefs working together to complete a simple challenge. At the end of the challenge, their opposing beliefs are revealed and they get the option to either leave, or stay and discuss their differences over a beer. Every person in the experiment decided to stay and discuss their differences rather than leave. Heineken found a way to shed light on these topics of conversation and on America’s current political disputes without creating any conflict of ideals with viewers. Heineken did not share any political view of their own, and they also created a positive image on the people who did reveal their political views in the advertisement.  —  Video Link


2017 – Mr.Clean: “Cleaner of your Dreams”

On a funnier note, Mr.Clean’s Super Bowl 2017 Commercial, “Cleaner of your Dreams,” depicted a cartoon Mr.Clean cleaning a woman’s house while she stands behind him checking him out. At the end of the ad, Mr.Clean turns into her husband, the wife goes to kiss him and the ad reads “You Gotta Love a Man who Cleans.” This ad targets both men and women, as women can relate to the wife in the advertisement, and men are literally being told women love a man who cleans, encouraging them to clean more. This puts an ironic and funny spin on an advertisement for cleaning products as it opposes old ideals of women being the “housewives,” and has the woman “checking out” the man, which traditionally, the roles would be reversed.  —  Video Link


All three of these ad campaigns were extremely successful in not only increasing these brands’ sales, but also improving their brand images. Each ad took a different approach with one more lighthearted but still serious, one more serious than lighthearted, and the last one taking on a more comical approach. Taking risks in your company’s marketing campaigns and being bold, as long as it is done properly and carefully, is more than worth it in building your brand and getting your name out there. If you convey that your brand is socially and ethically responsible enough to bring up the not-so-easy topics of conversation, or make a bold statement, you’ll not only grow your audience, but develop a trusting relationship with them.


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4 Keys to Successful Email Marketing

As we’ve already learned, email marketing campaigns are far from outdated.

So what can you do to up your campaign’s efficacy to generate more leads?

1. Create an eye-catching subject line

Emails are constantly sold to third parties and this is why your mailbox is constantly being flooded with emails from companies that you don’t remember interacting with. To avoid being included in the SHIFT-SELECT-MASS DELETE from your audience’s mailbox, you should create a subject line that will catch the reader’s attention and make them interested to click-in. The most effective way to do this is to “personalize” the subject line! Use personal words like “you” or “name.” A personalized touch helps eliminate any doubt as to if your email is “spam.”

Example: A Special Offer just for YOU

Example: Hey *insert name here*!

2. Make your email short and to the point

The average attention span is about 10 seconds long so make sure that you put your main message in BIG letters to catch the reader’s attention. Leave all of the specific details in smaller words. The reader of your email won’t want to take the time to pick your message out of a body of text, so make it OBVIOUS as to why you’re emailing!

3. Make your email visually-appealing

On a similar note, making the email visually appealing will make the reader more interested in reading into your email because it will extend their attention span. Images can be especially effective in getting your point across in an email because images are absorbed and understood 60,000x faster than words!

4. Create a “smart” landing page

Hopefully, by this point, your reader will have clicked through to your landing page. The landing page is the most important part of your email because it determines if your reader will become a lead. The most effective way to ensure that your readers become leads is through a call-to-action.

Example: For a free consultation or information on *insert product of service here,* enter your email as well as your first and last name!


Contact MaxExposure for help with creating a custom landing page and email for your next email marketing campaign. Let’s the pros handle your email marketing, as we can 100% ENSURE that we will help you generate more leads!

How To: Use “Questions” On Instagram

Instagram has recently released a new feature for their stories. This feature is called “questions.” Similar to sites like Ask.Fm or Quora, Questions is a feature that allows you to directly ask users questions without having to DM them. This feature is extremely useful for businesses because it prompts your followers to give feedback on your service or products or, simply, ask you questions.

To be blunt, we live in a day and age where much of the population is often too lazy to look up a phone number or email, as it can be very difficult to find correct listing information. By posting the questions feature on your story, users reply to your story with their questions. From there, you have the option to respond to these questions on your story for all to see.

Here are some examples of good questions that you can prompt your followers with:

  1. What new products or services would you like to see us offer?
  2. What is your favorite food on our menu?
  3. How can we improve our service?
  4. What is the best experience you’ve had with us so far?

Below find an example of what these questions, submitted and answered may look like.on a personal profile… thank you for offering these graphics!


7 Calls to Action for Instagram


The purpose of a Call-To-Action or a CTA, is literally, to prompt your audience to take action on what you are prompting them to do. Sounds simple, right? Wrong. Let us help you convert your Instagram audience to potential customers with these no-fail CTA’s!

woman sitting on sofa while looking at phone with laptop on lap

  1. Create a Sense of Urgency by highlighting strict timelines. Try using wording like “24 hour sale ending SOON!”
  2. Encourage followers to tag their friends because more eyes = more possible conversions.
  3. Use powerful actions verbs such as buy, shop, try on, register or discover.
  4. Create incentives such as liking the post to get an in-store discount of 10%.
  5. Prompt questions that will spur engagement such as “What do you think of this new trend?” or “Would you ever try doing this?”
  6. Use creative and colorful graphics to draw the eye of your audience from their everyday, dull feed.
  7. Entice your audience to stay updated by posting about new products and special deals that they can only learn about through your Instagram page.

Happy Instagraming!

Written by @GraceMaxExpo

Social Media Trends to Watch for (And Act On!)


Chatbots are the customer service agents of the future. From completing purchases to answering questions, chatbot technology can do it all, and major corporations are all over it. From Starbucks to Staples, big name businesses are hopping on the chatbot train like mad, and in the near future, everybody will be using them. Even a “starter” level chatbot can have the capacity to answer questions, book appointments, and route potential customers directly to staff members. You can get a jump start on this trend for even the smallest of businesses with MaxExposure’s Lead Capture Chatbot Starter package!!

photo of woman using her laptop

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Instagram is at the top of its game, and only getting stronger. Individuals can literally make a living from having a big personality, a sense of fashion, and an Instagram account. It’s the new age of influencers, as the public no longer only looks to the rich and famous for advice, but the everyday Instagram personality instead. As a small business owner, use this to your advantage. Sending free samples, or impressive discounts to popular Instagram personalities could gain you some major advertising, without having to break the bank. Just look for individuals with 10k + followers who have a loyal following with whom they frequently interact, that way you know that their followers will trust their opinion on your product!

woman wearing purple shirt holding smartphone white sitting on chair

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Online Job Searches

While finding job postings online isn’t a new concept, its on its way to becoming the only concept. Employers want strong candidates to apply quickly, with a true understanding of exactly what they are signing up for. At the same time, employees want the ability to apply to a variety of positions within minutes, with the same detailed description of what they are signing up for. Online job posting allow for these detailed descriptions, as well as application with the click of a button as well as candidate filtering with the use of prerequisite questioning. Businesses should be sure to maintain a presence on the main job listing sites such as Indeed or LinkedIn, as well as any existing specialty sites for their industry, such as Dice, the leading job site for tech companies. Don’t have an online job seeking presence, but looking for easy access to a spread of impressive candidates? Start with a LinkedIn account. Post detailed descriptions of open positions as well as news articles and trends occurring in your industry to pull in potential employees and receive the maximum amount of applications possible. Need help getting started? MaxExposure’s Social Page Build package will professionally build you a LinkedIn presence so you can start taking advantage of its benefits immediately.

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Lastly, blogs are the new way that people are choosing to connect over the internet. From personal bloggers (like influencers) sharing their personal feelings and encounters with the world to gain a deep connection with them, to big time blogs that have blossomed over the years into million dollar businesses (like Barstool Sports). For individuals who have a passion for writing and sharing their opinions, blogs are an awesome way to share content with the masses, where indiviudals can leave comments and react to posts, connecting with and learning from each other. From a business standpoint, blogs are an incredible marketing technique. Bring traffic to your website through current and intriguing blog posts that will engage your audience and likely result in not only more foot traffic but more customers in the long run. Want to start a blog but don’t have the content creators necessary to post? MaxExposure offers a Blog Package, consisting of original blog content for your business’ use, perfect for beginning your blogging escapade!

5 Tips to Improve your Click-Through-Rate

Want to improve your click-through rate? Check our our Facebook Advertising Package!

Click-through rate is the percentage of people visiting a web page who access a hypertext link to a particular advertisement. This information is often tracked through your advertising or website medium and is a good way to track how effective your online advertising and marketing efforts are. There are various ways that you can increase your engagement and improve your click-through rate in order to create new leads and business opportunities.
magic keyboard

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1. Use Call-to-Action buttons

People love interaction and offering a chance to interact with your ad or your brand creates a feeling of authenticity. A simple action such as pressing a button can make your audience feel as though they are interacting personally with you brand and calling them specifically to interact with your products or services.

2. Focus on Aesthetic

Appearance is everything in the world of marketing and advertising. Your audience will be more likely to interact with your brand if they are aesthetically drawn to your advertisement with a good-looking front ad and landing page.

3. Share Expert Advice

By sharing expert advice on your ad page, your brand demonstrates it’s knowledge in it;s domain of products/services. It can be assumed that a customer would rather use a credible, knowledgeable company rather than an amateur company with less experience.

4. Make an Announcement

By announcing some sort of new product or service, you create excitement surrounding your brand. Your customers will want to see what new products/services you have to offer if you use active language such as Behind the Scenes, As Seen On, Cost Effective, Enhanced, Never Before Seen or Proven Method.

5. Offer Benefits

Every customer wants the best products/services but they also want the best deals. Similar to making an announcement, using active language when offering benefits will make your brand more appealing. It will also make your customers feel “special” because the deals seem exclusive. Try using wording in your ads like Competitive Pricing, Effective, Economic, Mega Earnings, Mega Savings or Up to ___% off.

The Power of Color in Advertising

There is a study of psychology that focuses on the powers of color in marketing and advertising. Certain colors typically emote certain emotions so it is no surprise that the following colors create such an intense impact on the advertisee.



Typically signifies danger or intense emotions→ therefore used to display extreme and strong messages. Ads that are in red typically use more urgent wording as well.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 10.39.41 AM.png


The combination of red and yellow displays softens the “dangerous” edge of red by mixing it with the exciting and joyous tones of yellow. Orange is often used by advertisers looking to appeal to a younger market because the color displays a sense of thrill, a mix of danger and excitement, and these characteristics tend to appeal to younger, more adventurous/energetic generations.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 10.40.04 AM.png


Gold is one of the most expensive common metals so it’s no surprise that it is associated with wealth and prosperity. Gold works best for advertisements when the target client is on the market for a high quality, higher end product because it aligns with their end goal.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 10.40.28 AM.png


Typically associate with energy, joy and the sun, yellow is a playful color. It is often used and most effective in children’s advertisements because it draws the attention of youngsters with their creative and curious minds.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 10.40.46 AM.png


Green is commonly associated with the Earth and is therefore used by many brands to display a message of health or natural benefit. Green is also the color of (American) money and is therefore also associated with stability and comfort.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 10.41.00 AM.png


Blue is most seen in the logos and advertisements of large corporate brands and companies because blue evokes a feeling of trust, success and loyalty. This notion of blue representing these qualities has many origins, one of them stemming from the term “blue blood.” Throughout history, blue has always been associated with the rich and the royal, those of whom are usually the most financially and socially stable.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 10.41.24 AM.png


From the mix of success and loyalty of blue and the urgency of red, comes the edge and elegance of purple. Purple is often used by beauty and luxury brands to show that their products and services are both trustworthy and exclusive.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 10.41.42 AM


A traditionally feminine color, pink is often used on products and services targeting women to evoke feelings of delicacy, vulnerability and gentleness, as these traits are typically associated with females.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 10.41.48 AM


The most conservative of all colors, black, white and any shade of grey is typically used to depict traditional values and neutrality. These colors are best used by law firms, accounting firms and any other sort of business whose job is to act as a mediator. It is also commonly used in ads that are depicting a more serious tone.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 10.41.52 AM

Written by @GraceMaxExpo

Our Favorite Instagram Editing Apps

The key to having a successful Instagram is not only in the quality of your content but also in the overall aesthetic of your page. No one even takes the “perfect” photo and most of the time, the in-app editing features of Instagram are extremely limited in its capabilities of transforming a photo from a pixely-dark image to a bright, eye-catching photo. The following apps all have different optimal uses. Read on to discover more.

landscape street rooftop iphone

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Level of difficulty: Easy

VSCO is an editing app featuring many preset filters. These filters are extremely versatile and have subsets that are specifically for outdoor photos, indoor photos, warm photos, cold photos, overshadowed photos, over-highlighted photos, etc.  This app is very user-friendly in that it also offers a toolkit where the user can edit skin tone, tint, shadows, highlights, saturation, contrast, exposure, sharpness, etc. We highly recommend this app to those who are novices at editing photos and need an all-in-one app.

Microsoft Selfie

Level of difficulty: Easy

Microsoft Selfie is an extremely simple app with only less than 10 “beautifying” filters. This app is best for those who are pleased with the natural look in their captured photo but simply want to smooth out tones. We highly suggest this app to those who want a great looking photo but really don’t want to spend any time learning how to edit their pictures.


Level of difficulty: Easy

Layout is an app that allows you to create photo collages. With hundreds of different photo layouts, we recommend this app for those who want to create a simple collage. There is also an in-app toolkit for those who want to make small edits to the photo.


Level of difficulty: Moderate

Snapseed is a bit complicated at first but once you get the hang of it, it’s an extremely intuitive app. Owned and created by google, Snapseed comes with preset filters as well as a full toolkit. In the toolkit you can find options to tune your image by adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth, etc. In the toolkit are also features that allow you to change the sharpness and structure of the image as well as the curvature of the tones. You can also edit white balance,crop, rotate and change perspective. Not to mention the brush features that allow you to paint the dodge/burn, exposure, temperature and saturation of the photo. The features on Snapseed are endless and unique. Our favorite is the “selective” tool that allows you to pick tones within a certain region of the photo to edit. We recommend this app to those who want all of the tools of photoshop with a less complicated interface.

Photoshop Fix

Level of difficulty: Hard

Photoshop Fix is basically a mini photoshop for your phone. The app has retouching, sculpting and healing tools that are compatible with Adobe Photoshop CC. We recommend this app to those who already have a knowledge of photoshop but want access to the app on their phone.

Photoshop Lightroom

Level of difficulty: Hard

Another Photoshop app, Lightroom is similar to Photoshop Fix but focuses on the light, color, geometry and optics of the photo. Similar to Photoshop Fix, we recommend this app to anyone who has a knowledge of Adobe Photoshop CC or Adobe Photoshop LR but wants access to these features from their phone.


How To: Create an Interactive Hashtag Campaign for Instagram

So, you want to know how to create an interactive hashtag and Instagram hashtag campaign? Let’s start by explaining what an interactive hashtag is. An interactive hashtag is a symbiotic marketing technique used by companies to get their social media users to interact with their brand online in exchange for some sort of reward. It’s a bit difficult to explain and understand so we’ll give you a few examples…

Heineken #SparkMyParty – Heineken promotes #SparkMyParty specifically to younger Instagram users in New York City. When Instagram users use the hashtag and tag Heinkein in a post or Instagram story during a live house party, they have the chance of being paid a visit by Heineken during their house party. Representatives from the company will show up during the party with free beer, balloons, DJ, snacks and brand gear. This campaign not only spreads the word about the Heineken brand but also makes the customer base excited to interact with the company.

Wilhelmina Models #LoveYourGenes – Wilhelmina is a global modeling agency that represents many celebrity supermodels and talent. When you post a selfie using the #LoveYourGenes , WIlhelmina promises that they will look at your photo. If they find you to fit their needs for new models, they will message you and you will get the chance to visit the NYC office and discuss modeling opportunities. This campaign makes it easier for Wilhelmina to find fresh faces as well as gives social media users the chance to easily be discovered.

lg smartphone instagram social media

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So how can you create your own interactive hashtag?

1. Pick a reward

What exactly do you want your users getting out of promoting your brand? Perhaps if they post with your hashtag they can receive 10% off? Maybe be entered in a contest to win free products or services? The options are unlimited.

2. Create a hashtag

Looking back to #SparkMyParty and #LoveYourGenes, what is the purpose of your interactive hashtag campaign? Be sure that your hashtag is catchy so that your users will easily remember it and won’t misspell it when using it on their posts. As a social media and business solutions company, let’s say we wanted to run a campaigns where you win a year of free services…. Perhaps a hashtag we could use would be #MaximizeMyBusiness. This hashtag is unique so we know that the average user won’t be using this hashtag on any normal photos, the spelling is simple so it will be difficult for entrees to misspell it and it’s fairly simple to remember because it’s a play on words for MaxExposure Business Solutions.

3. Keep track of your socials

The most important part of your interactive hashtag campaign is to keep track of all entrees! The last thing you want is to either forget about your campaign and make your business appear flakey OR not give all entrees a fair chance at winning.