MaxSales Marketing System


As a rep, it will be incumbent on you to learn each product, what it does and how it can benefit the client, by reading and watching videos, and then sharing what you know with the prospect.

 The MaxSales Marketing System is NOT optional and is required to be used by all reps. Although a rep may implement any other marketing processes they see fit to build their business, as per the sales rep agreement, we know (based on those using it) this system has proven success when followed and implemented properly.

The new MaxSales Marketing System is very robust and offers everything a rep would need to be successful (except putting the time and consistent effort) and includes:


Personal Data Base CRM (customer Relationship Management) System to track all client activities

Pre-Written Email Campaigns

Proven Pre Written Email campaigns for each individual Product including videos and product info, with personalized contact info

Customized Email Campaigns

Customized Email Campaigns can be created by a rep, with a $50 admin fee to add a custom campaign

Automated SMA Reports

Minimum of 20 Integrated / Automated SMA Reports per month. By entering the business name into the system, it will automatically analyze the company’s

Access to the MaxExpo
Business Builder Control Panel including:

On Going (video and conf. call) with Specific product training on selling tips for all products and services.


Prospect Engagement notifications in real time (open rate, sites clicked, products clicked on, pages visited)

Online Store

Online "Store" with over 50 product descriptions, video explanation, pricing and details

Sales Training

Proposal Preparation (Pricing & Discounting) and Sales Support from Management / Home offer staff.


Authority to use 'MaxExposure Social Media' and 'MaxExposure Business Solutions' logos

Rep Discounts

Discounted pricing for Reps to use all products or services for MaxExpo business promotion and marketing purposes in conjunction with the MaxExposure Social Media premium package. (optional)


Systems like this costs millions of dollars to build and usually cost sales professionals hundreds of dollars a month, when they are part of a marketing program. We have invested a lot of money in this program to make it cornerstone of our reps marketing efforts.

We have learned that anything FREE is never appreciated and rarely used because it is perceived as having “no value”. We also know that entrepreneurial minded business people expect, and are willing, to invest in quality services and programs; and when they do, they use them often. Therefore, we have priced the system to be extremely affordable and essentially FREE when it is used.

FIRST MONTH FREE at the sales rep level!

With that in mind, we want you to see how powerful it is, so we are offering the First Month FREE.

First Month FREE includes everything listed above (any Integrated / Automated SMAs used, over 20, will be charged @$3 per report). Unused report are NOT carried over from month to month


Ongoing access/user fee, only $69 per month (includes all features listed above) which when 20 reports are generated, it reduces the cost of the system to only $9 per month.

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Sales Rep

We offer enrollment for Sales Reps, who might not be able to invest in their business, just yet. This option allows a new rep to engage, start building their income and then upgrade to the higher commissions and benefits of being a “Business Builder”

Business Builder

A Business Builder, can engage at any level they choose; full time, part time or whenever they like, primarily at the local are level.

Enterprise Sales Rep

An Enterprise Rep can offer MaxExposure services to local businesses, in the same manner as a Direct Rep, but also has the opportunity to market to larger groups.

* Must be Business Builder to upgrade​

Resellers & Agents

Resellers are business owners that are already selling goods and services to small local businesses and want to offer additional social media management or business solutions.