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Have you ever wanted to send a CARD to someone in the mail? Then realized the hassle involved…

Go to the store, buy the card, address it by hand, write the card, stuff the envelope, put a stamp in it and take it to the mailbox… seems like a lot of work…and cost…

Card:       $2.50 (or more)

Stamp:   $0.55 (first class stamp)

Time:      a lot  … what is your time worth

What if you wanted to send every customer you have a “thank you” note, or holiday card… it would cost a fortune in time and money!

Have you thought about sending a “card” for traditionally non-card giving holidays, like Groundhogs Day or Flag Day, to remind your customers that you appreciate their business?

Now all that is possible and less expensive ...


MaxExposure has partnered with the Premier Digital to Postal online card sending program, providing our clients with unprecedent technology and tools, normally reserved for large companies with huge budgets.


Simply log on, click a button, add customized images or logos, use a template you save for frequent use (like Thank You Cards), include your message (in your handwriting – yes it’s very cool) and click send...


A few days later it will arrive in the person's USPS mailbox with a real postal stamp on it coming directly from you... all without leaving your computer, tablet or phone!!!


This is a tremendous service for Realtors, Veterinarians, Dentists, Auto Repair, Home Improvement and any business that wants to show appreciation to their customers, clients and associates.

Make it Special

Want to add a box of brownies, bottle of wine or a stuffed animal, no problem, select gifts and they arrive with your card, really impacting your client


$39 / Month

One low monthly fee will provide you access

40 Credits / Month

Expire every 12 months
Fees will use up oldest credits first

$2.00 / Card

Send about 20 cards each month or save up them up for larger purchases! Additional credits can be purchased from the site!
($1.45 plus $0.55 stamp)

Want to “TRY” the service for… FREE… simply complete the form below and we will send you a link to send your first card for FREE… no cc required…

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