Welcome the National Association of Local Business – Ambassador Opportunity

Welcome to the MaxExposure Business Solutions Opportunity Overview.

While some people were invited to review the program, others may have seen an ad for opportunity online. We appreciate your interest and look forward to sharing all that MaxExpo has to offer.

What you are about to see is truly REVOLUTIONARY and not being done by any other business, anywhere! This program has NO COMPETITION!!!

Welcome message from Joe Grushkin, CEO & President

Our Mission

To assist small / local businesses to THRIVE & Survive in today’s marketplace, leveling the playing field to increase their profits, productivity and efficiency to grow and expand, with product and services they may not know existed (at affordable prices) for small businesses. In conjunction, we are building a network of local sales representatives (dedicated reps, resellers, ambassadors, distributors and agencies) who will be receiving residual commissions for their efforts, simply by introducing the MaxExpo Business Super Store to their community of local business owners.

First a few questions:

Do you work in a business that might want to be more efficient, productive or save money with Products or Services you didn’t know you could afford?
Are you currently selling to local business owners?
Are you looking for an income opportunity (or extra income) by helping small / local business in your area?
Are you done working for someone else and ready to build a residual income business for yourself and your family?

.... If you answered YES to any (or all) of the above, PLEASE READ ON...


Since 2011, MaxExposure has been expanding our Social Media Management business, originally from 3 social media services to now offering over 80 Digital Services.

To increase our offering, to our existing clients and open up “new” opportunities, we expanded our product line to include over 35 additional “offline” products and services, to enhance any small/local business, to assist them to Grow, Thrive and Survive in today’s competitive marketplace. In all, we now have over 100 products and services, with over 100,000 individual items combined, designed to help local businesses grow, expand, save time, money and become more productive.

Our New Name:

We have “rebranded” our company to be MaxExposure Business Solutions, and now have the Ultimate Business Super Store, which is extremely unique… we have not seen any other program or site like this, catering specifically to small business with as robust and diverse product offering – that will pay significant commissions (for life) to promote it locally. Our comprehensive line of Business to Business (B2B) products and service providers are vetted, committed to excellence and motivated to build long term relationships with our clients.

Think of this way… any business now has access to EVERYTHING they need for their business in one place. It is like having Amazon, Costco and their “favorite uncle who knows everyone in town” recommending products and services specifically designed (and priced) for small businesses. MaxExposure has established itself as the go to place where any business owner can find EVERYTHING they need to Thrive, Survive and Grow – saving money and becoming more productive.

Products & Services, at these prices, are normally only accessible and reserved for larger companies, with high volume consumption or many locations. The small business owner now can compete on a level playing field and get the same benefits that only larger companies enjoy.

How it Works:

How can we do this? While it may seem simple, in fact, it’s very complex. We have spent months sourcing, vetting and negotiation with the “best of the best” Service Providers who can be trusted to provide “World-Class” service to small business owners at the most affordable pricing.

These Service Providers see the potential benefits of having MaxExposure’s national sales presence, at the local level, and then based on our collective buying power offer us significant discounts, which we share with our customers – and ultimately allow us to pay our Sales REP / Ambassadors and Resellers (REPs) a residual commission for the life of the client.

When we say… access to EVERYTHING… we are serious! When you take a look at the portfolio of Products and Services, I know you will be impressed and it will capture your entrepreneurial imagination.

Could you imagine, the next time a business owner, friend or prospect says… “hey, do you know anyone who can help me with….?” and you confidently answer … “YES” we can offer you that, at a discount! (even before they finish the sentence)… that exchange and information will make YOU their “go to person” for everything related to their business in the future!

By simply “REFERRING” a business owner to our Super Store website, or completing a short form for them, will engage them in the process. Our partners or staff will follow up and assist the prospect in obtaining the products or services they are interested in and our REPs gets paid for the introduction.


We have over 80 Digital Services which include:

We now offer the following: (and the list keep growing):

Click the header below for more information!

We are frequently asked… “how can someone learn every product, what do we focus on?”. The good news is… We have a Business Centric Company vs. Product Centric Sales Process, through a professional “consultive selling” process.

Our REPs don’t focus on any one product (however they can if they choose).

We focus on the simple premise… what does the business owner need to “thrive” – what is their “pain” ??? Then sell to solve that pain/issue.  By simply directing the prospect to the product or service they are interested in on our website (Super Store), their needs are served.

Each product has a detailed “promotional page” with enough information to entice a business owner to engage. In addition, these pages serve as information for our “REPs” to share with their potential client.

Our Sales and Support Team / system – comprised of the Service Providers and our dedicated staff, are available to engage with the prospect, answer their questions and assist in closing the sale as needed.

For the REP that wants more product information, we have an online training program that will give a REP everything they need to know about the Products and Services – along with the systems and administrative processes to be highly productive (including CRM, email marketing with pre-written campaigns, landing pages and ongoing support and training) needed to get started. It can take a weekend to complete, or an hour a day for a couple of weeks…it’s up to REP and how quickly they want to get started. Most will be “out selling” within a few days.

That said, by simply introducing the website (which has our list of Services) to a business owner, and guiding them to the proper product promotional page that appeals to their needs, a REP can be successful.

It’s like having a “contact list” of Business that you refer to friends and colleagues, that you know and trust… but in this case, you get paid for every sale they make based on your referral … simple, right?

Many of our REPs will use the MaxExpo Super Store as an additional offering to their current clients, friends or past customers (to get them back) expanding their influence and connections. In addition, if their current service or product isn’t needed at that time, the MaxExpo Super Store can serve as a way keep the door open and stay “front of mind”, until the timing is right.

Our REPs can use our automated email marketing system / CRM, which delivers product information each week to the business owner, informing them of two different products. The goal is to keep the business owner informed and engaged and to stay connected.

Another benefit for our REPs is our FREEmium Products. When a prospect meets with our REP, we offer the prospect 9 FREEmium Services… which are PREMIUM products or services most small business might not have known about and are 100% FREE…

The FREEmiums are all proven services that will make them more productive, efficient or save them time and money… immediately…

Just FYI, these FREE services will lead to “upsell” opportunities and open doors for our REPs to get more appointments, leads or referrals.

As a sales incentive for our Reps, we offer “unlimited” Discount Travel and Premium incentive to be used by our Reps. These can be used as a “thank you”  just for meeting with us, or sharing leads and / or as an incentive to upgrading to new / additional services.

This incentive program is provided by MaxExposure FREE to our REPs.


All of the FREEmiums, Discount Travel Incentives and training we provide can be used in conjunction with your current business, selling to local business or home owners… or in some cases… for an entrepreneurial minded person, they who is looking to build a business offering MaxExpo Business Solutions as a dedicated business process, all these services become part of your business, without any cost to you.

We pay 40% of the margin / profit on all sales, for the life of the client* yes… RESIDUAL INCOME

(*some conditions apply – see rep agreement for details). 

(results will vary based on performance)

We can conservatively project an average commission of $100 per customer / month… based on the averages, some commissions are $1000 per month, while others are $10 a month.  If a REP enrolls 2 customers a week (only 8 a month) that REP will earn over $62,000 in their first year. The same performance with residual commissions will generate over $150,000 in year 2

Some of you might “cut that in half to be conservative… But then, others will calculate the income based on $200 average commissions and anticipate a first year income of more than $120,000 and over $200,000 in year 2.

Then there are others who might be thinking… “if I have 20 REPs working for me… that’s a $1.2 million business, in the first year… if I pay them each $50,000 and a small incentive commission, then I have about $1 million in gross profit, with very little additional overhead.

It is easy to engage… but…realize… this does take “work”… to learn a simple process and to engage business owners – the only way it fails is if you don’t work at it. This is NOT a get rich scheme… where you sit home and money comes in… it’s a real business opportunity for people who love working with small businesses and want to see them Thrive and Survive.

No, our reps can work in conjunction with their current business. However, only as along as they are currently engaged selling to Businesses. That said, some REPs will have a connection to an industry, local businesses or be adept at online marketing and bring MaxExpo Super Store to the businesses they are connected to. Regardless of the process, it does take a consistent effort and dedication to inform and engage business owners and ensure they are connected to our products and services.

While there is NO upfront investment to be a REP, like any business, there are expenses, investments and operating cost to run your business.

THIS IN NOT A JOB… it is YOUR BUSINESS, where you control the income and outflow of cash.

REPs that engage will need to be prepared to financially withstand the initial start-up period and some basic expenses in getting your business off the ground (business cards, marketing expenses, etc.).

MaxExposure does offer access to Business Funding or Credit lines for qualifies applicants – for more information go to https://maxexpousa.com/financing/


While most REPs will engage in their local area, to establish personal relationships with their clients, our REPs are not limited to any one geographic area.

By entering a business into our CRM, a REP established a “claim” to that business for 45 days to obtain an order and/or demonstrate continuous engagement with a decision maker.

Once an order is place, that company becomes their customer “for life”. In addition, any multi location businesses would be “protected”, if owned by the same company. Franchises are an exception, if a REP is working with the Master Franchisor or Corporate Home office, the franchise system can be “protected”.

While this is an “optional” process, many of our REPs will engage in our Networking Meetings & Events process.

As part of the Business Connections Network, we will train, assist and guide our REPs on how to set up, build and manage a local Networking Meeting / Event, to attract local business owners to connect and network with each other.

This process will place the MaxExpo REP in front of local business as a “leader” in the community and ensure that the MaxExpo Brand is foremost in the minds of the local business owners we want to meet.

Our training program includes specific / proven training on how to identify, contact and engage Industry Associations, Trade organizations, Franchises, Business associations and multi business community groups to be invited to be a “speaker” (albeit 60 second to 45 mins) or presenter / vendor at events they host locally or nationally.

By attending as a “vendor” and having a “speaking opportunity”, attendees will come to you, engage and get more information about MaxExpo with a higher degree of interest. Business owners that attend industry / association events are vested in their business and are more inclined to invest in programs to grow their businesses, making this process extremely profitable for our REPs.

Entrepreneurial minded professionals (or investors) will see the opportunity to hire, train and manage a local sales team. Having 5 or 10 dedicated reps can be build a multimillion-dollar business in a very short time. The residual income makes this path even more powerful, regardless of how long an employee is with your firm. In this, your business can take on a life of its own, offering you and your family true financial freedom

MaxExposure offers access to business funding, credit lines and SBA loans for qualified applicants. For more information click here https://maxexpousa.com/financing/

Along with “world-class” customer service and support, provided by our Boston based staff, each Monday, MaxExpo Management Team will send out a short video with updates, training, information, recognition and best practices for our REPs to view.

In addition, there is a dedicated weekly “drop in” time for personal interaction, via live video chat (one-on-one or with multiple participants), to ensure that information is communicated, understood and questions can be answered in “real time” for our REPs

Who can be successful as a MaxExpo Rep | Ambassador | Reseller | Agent??

Anyone who is currently selling to local business owners:

Direct Marketing / Sales Program:

The Ambassador Sales Process

How Ambassadors Get Paid

You can market MaxExposure Business Solutions and the Super Store in any of the following ways:

Serious Applicant Only

To enroll, click the button below and to complete for the form, send in your Driver’s License for verification.

Once we receive the enrollment form, and you are approved by management, you will have access to our training and processes.

Whatever your goals are... they can be achieved or exceeded...by promoting the MaxExposure Business Solutions Super Store...

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