Our Marketing System


Our Marketing System utilizes the latest technology, employing our Patent Pending Social Media Analysis® process, which determines a business’s effectiveness in the 5 “pillars” of online presence; Website, Advertising, Social Media, Reputation and Listing Management. We found that more than 95% of the companies we have analyzed (over 15,000 to date) have an effectiveness score below 50%; which means, there is a huge upside potential in our industry. Our marketing system, training and sales processes are designed to be successful in the “New World” of selling.

No More KNocking...

Unlike most companies who are still “knocking on doors” chasing prospects and begging for “appointments”, we have a simple, streamlined process which includes the 8 key elements below. All Reps and Resellers will have access to our Proprietary Marketing / CRM system, The MaxSales System.

Maxsales marketing

The MaxSales Marketing System is taking “cold calling” and selling to uninformed prospects out of the process and replacing it with automation and tools that will put you in front of informed, interested business owners.

In addition, we expect the Client Conversation / presentation will evolve in to simply answering questions (in person or over the phone) and closing the sale! Any “follow up” needed, while they are ‘thinking about it”, will all be via automated emails – NO MORE CHASING!!

Identify Prospects

Our Reps can identify prospects through referrals, directories, networking or through a connection to an association. There are no territories or boundaries, so our Reps are free to sell anywhere in the USA, Canada or any English speaking country in the world.

Introduction by Phone

Initially making an introduction in person, or by phone, allows our sales reps to gain the prospects email and basic info, to be entered into our proprietary back office email campaign / CRM system called "MaxSales" (each account is entered in under 1 minute)

Online Analysis

Our Reps use an automated process to send a comprehensive online presence analysis, with specific product information to the prospect, which can continue over several weeks.

Real Time Alerts

Real time notifications and alerts are send via email to our Reps, when the prospect opened or clicked through an email, to which the Rep can follow up in “real time”.

Online Training

Proven Conversation Style Selling process (via phone or in person) by appointment. We provide a complete Outline & Training on the best practices to engage a prospect to become a client.

Online Order Entry

Our online order entry process allows for our sales Reps to enter their new orders, to be processed by our home office in real time.

On-Going Support

Need sales training? We're here to assist our Reps to success, including answering prospect questions during a presentation and follow up support.

Rep Control Panel

Once enrolled, each Rep will be given access to our proprietary Rep Control Panel, which is where all necessary training, support and information is stored for easy access 24/7.

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Sales Rep

We offer enrollment for Sales Reps, who might not be able to invest in their business, just yet. This option allows a new rep to engage, start building their income and then upgrade to the higher commissions and benefits of being a “Business Builder”

Business Builder

A Business Builder, can engage at any level they choose; full time, part time or whenever they like, primarily at the local are level.

Enterprise Sales Rep

An Enterprise Rep can offer MaxExposure services to local businesses, in the same manner as a Direct Rep, but also has the opportunity to market to larger groups.

* Must be Business Builder to upgrade​

Resellers & Agents

Resellers are business owners that are already selling goods and services to small local businesses and want to offer additional social media management or business solutions.