Starting a blog for your small business could be a great way to connect with customers, and give them inside information on your brand and what you sell. Or, if you already have a blog and are running out of topic ideas, the following six may help!

  • A blog post advertising for a promotional event your business may be having is a great way to get the message out there. A blog could serve as a unique marketing strategy, as everything written is personalized and tailored to your small business. Use this as an opportunity for your small business to provide extensive information about this event or promotion, really compelling customers to attend or participate.
  • Interviewing an executive from your business is a really interesting idea for your blog. This should be a quick interview, and could give customers an inside perspective on what your business has to offer. This interview would show customers that your business is transparent, and wishes to be involved with customers at all levels.
  • Although your website may already have an “About Us” page, it could be beneficial to dig deeper than that, and share more insight into how your small business got started. This could be inspirational, and will showcase the hard work that went into establishing your brand. This will give customers something to connect to possibly, or urge them in the direction of your product or service opposed to others’.
  • A unique idea is presenting somewhat of a case study to customers in the form of a short blog post. This case study could address a common problem many customers out there could have, and how your product or service would fix it. This is something that customers could definitely relate to, and would obviously give them a great solution to this problem.
  • The sharing of advice through a blog post is a great idea. You could pass down your words of wisdom to someone starting out in the same industry you are currently in. People would look up to you, and value your input, as you were in their shoes not too long ago. After starting your business, you also have specific insights into your industry, that general advice would not necessarily satisfy.
  • Now it is time to brag. Describe and explain what exactly sets you apart from your competition! Delve deeper into what makes your brand unique, and other things like how it could be more cost-friendly, more environmentally-friendly, etc. Think of this type of blog post as an embellished elevator pitch for your product or service.

There are endless topics to write a blog on for your small business. Your main objective in writing these, should be to give more personal insights into what makes your business so exceptional! Use this as an opportunity to advertise, but also get “real” with customers; this will stand out to them the most. Whether you already have a blog and are struggling with content, or if you are currently considering starting one for your small business, use the above tips to get it going today!


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