Today we go through some important prospecting tips to get in-front of more decision makers. Whether you are in B2B or B2C sales, these tips can help you immediately. Watch the video below and see your prospecting become more efficient.

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Let’s recap some of the tips you will find in the video.

  1. Don’t rely on 1 or 2 methods of prospecting. If you only rely on networking events or emails you are missing out. We like to use the website Trello in order to create a sales process that can be followed day-in-day-out without anyone falling through the cracks. Watch the video to see how we use Trello.
  2. When you do email or leave voicemails be extremely brief. On average people only spend about 15 seconds reading an email. We recommend not writing more than 4 sentences in your emails.
  3. Be persistent. On average it takes about 8+ touches for you to finally land a 1st appointment. A touch is something you know for certainty the prospect either read or heard. A social media message through Facebook or LinkedIn would not be considered a touch since you can’t be sure they actually read it.
  4. Don’t be afraid to push away. Breakup emails are great. You will find many of those prospects who have been ghosting you will respond to your breakup email. HubSpot in particular has some great email templates. Just Google “Breakup Email HubSpot”.
  5. Remember, your goal is not to sell your product or service through email. Your goal should be to build trust, credibility, and position yourself as an expert. Don’t be afraid to give something that will help your prospects businesses for free before you ask for an appointment.

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