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Ever wonder why your competition keeps winning accounts???

Maybe you need Sales Training, from the Best Sales Trainers in the business? But you aren’t one of the Fortune 500 businesses that can afford it…?

Sales Training and support is the cornerstone to long term success in business. Knowing how to engage a prospect, move them through your sales cycle and close the deal is as much of an “art” as it is a “science”. Understanding what the prospect is thinking, what you need to say or do to engage them and want to continue the conversation with you, will make you stand out from your competition.

Sandler® Sales Training is recognized as the leader in the sales training industry for over 50 years. Serving virtually any business, product or service, with in depth understanding of the human interaction and what it takes to move the needle toward success.

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Our Partnership

MaxExpo has partnered with a Premier Sandler® Consultant to ensure our clients receive the best of the best training there is, at substantially discounted rates. Why do our clients get such incredible discounts (25% off standard rates)?  Through our national scope and marketing process (using the Sandler programs ourselves) we are afforded significant discounts by continuously bring our partner highly motivated clients, who appreciate quality services and we pass those discounts on to our clients… it’s a win- win! 

Sales Training wasn’t in the budget??? Keep in mind that financing can be obtained through our Funding Solutions Partner (click here for details on financing). The revenue generated from the sales training process will far exceed the cost of the funding!

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