One of the most important things to manage once you enter the working world is a successful work-life balance. You don’t want to overwork yourself and lose out on leisure time, but you also want to ensure you’re being productive, especially when working from home. To achieve that forever sought-after work-life balance, follow some of the tips below!

  1. Set hard-stops for each workday

You may think that working continuously into the night may lead to getting more work done, but studies show that you’re actually least productive at night. Additionally, working late hours can make you more tired in times of peak productivity during the day, when you need to be most alert. Setting hard-stops is important so that you don’t overexert yourself. Without social cues that are prominent in an office setting, like seeing your coworkers head out for lunch, it can be easy to overwork yourself. If you give yourself a specific time frame to get work done in, you are more likely to have a productive work day.

2. Make time for breaks and self-care each day

One way to balance work and leisure is to block off time each day for breaks or short self-care activities. Things like workouts, phone calls with family, or coffee breaks can be easily fit into one’s schedule. If you honor these commitments, you are more likely going to feel fulfilled and recharged, and better able to focus on your work afterwards.

3. Prioritize and audit your to-do list

You can prevent yourself from instances where you’ll need to work overtime by creating a to-do list, and then prioritizing certain tasks, to ensure that you’re working efficiently. To avoid being overwhelmed by long to-do lists, focus on the high impact activities and worry less about the activities that do not drive significant results.

4. Physically separate work from your personal life

When working from home, the lines between work and life can get blurry. One strategy that can help with this is creating a designated workspace for yourself. Taking calls from your bed or trying to write in front of your TV likely won’t be effective. By separating work and your home life, you will be able to focus better and maintain that balance.

Working from home doesn’t mean productivity has to come to a halt, but it also doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your leisure time. It is all about keeping a balance. These are just a few tips to keep in mind when working from home, and they will definitely help you achieve that work-life balance that we all desire.


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