Recently we have seen companies becoming much more vocal in regards to social and political issues. With the right amount of support, social media is a place where messages can spread like wildfire. Think about how quickly information can be shared, how easily things can go viral. All it takes is a few shares, and your message is out there for all of the world to see.

We see big companies taking these stances, but as a small business, should you? As consumers are becoming more vocal about these social issues, they are also looking to see if the companies they purchase from are supporting the issues that they care about. For this reason, it is important for companies to voice their opinion, in any way that they choose. You don’t necessarily have to do something extreme, but showing support in little ways often goes a long way. People want to know what you value, and those who agree with your values will continue to support you.

The tricky thing about taking a stance is that it has to be done correctly. Make sure that the message you are trying to send is relevant and relates to your mission as a company. If you are going to show your support for an issue, it should reflect your brand’s own core values. When a brand’s actions align with what they are advocating for, it makes that message much more powerful. It also shows that your company cares more about just the bottom line, which is extremely important for customers to see.

This kind of behavior resonates specifically with Millennials and today’s younger generations. Belief-driven buyers want to see brands that improve the world along with growing their business. It has been shown that businesses that communicate their stance on social issues have a greater impact on a consumer’s intent to support those businesses than those businesses who don’t.

You could donate a portion of your profits to a good cause or show your support for the issue on a section of your website. If done successfully, this kind of support for the betterment of society will increase customer loyalty and bring in more customers who also support your beliefs. (See what companies like Ben & Jerry’s and TOMS have done to support certain issues below!)


Consumers often look to brands with more power and influence to make a change, so consider using your platform for a good cause! Be sure to be authentic and have a strong connection to whatever issue it is that you want to support. Social media is a great place to start showing your support and spreading helpful information. When delivering this message, try to inspire, educate, or enlighten your audience on why the issue matters to you and your brand.

As a business, if you are passionate about an issue and want to make positive changes, why not incorporate that into your company mission? If anything, you’ll see an abundance of support and an increase in business. So if you are able to do so, take a stand!


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