The world of marketing can be rather overwhelming these days with added technology and various platforms to work off of. You can also find it difficult, oftentimes, to grow a customer base and get your name out there after feeling as though you’ve tried everything. Below are three skills that could shift your marketing department’s perspective to better your small business in the long run.

  • Highlighting your business’ value proposition is key to differentiate you from competitors. Your value proposition is what will allow your business to stand out, compelling customers to pursue business with you opposed to others. Whether it is your efficiency, cost-effectiveness, or something else, you definitely want to highlight the true value that puts your business above all others. This could also be a good way to weave in any sustainability commitments or acts of service that make your business stand out amongst others, all while making a positive impact in the community outside of your business.
  • It is important to hone in on one or two main marketing areas your business feels will reach customers the best. Try to find a “blind spot” in terms of your current marketing strategies that could be stunting your small business’ growth. It is very easy to get wrapped into trying to market in many ways at once, especially with all of the technology we now have at hand. It is most productive to find these areas your business may struggle with, and focus your efforts there to promote long term growth.
  • Seeing the value in existing customers is something that is often overlooked by businesses everywhere. In fact, “it costs, on average, five times more to acquire a new customer than close an existing one.”* It is very effective to immerse your business in opportunities to reach these existing customers in terms of loyalty programs and re-selling your goods or services to them. These types of customers already know and trust your business, so it takes less to win them over. Rewarding these customers through discount codes or giveaways could keep them enticed, as well as promoting improvements and added features to existing products or services that they may have already invested in.

Hopefully the three skills above can open up your small business’ marketing efforts to opportunities outside your normal scope. Value propositions, finding marketing “blind spots,” and recognizing the worth in current customers is essential to experiencing marketing success today, and down the line.



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