Social media challenges have been BIG lately. Whether this be a 30-day social media challenge, or the use of a #throwbackthursday, many social media users take part in these activities. Your small business can definitely use these ideas to your benefit. I am here to share some quick ideas on the best ways to utilize these social media challenges to your advantage.

A more long-term challenge your small business can take part in over social media is a 30-day challenge. Many of these exist online, but one interesting one is a “behind the scenes” of the office, and different aspects of it. Day one could be something like a picture of the office, then day two could be introducing the CEO, etc. There could be a day for each executive employee to be introduced on social media, and many more days leftover for pictures of more locations such as delivery trucks, warehouses, etc. This gives an intimate look into the inner-workings of your business. It is very interesting to customers to be receiving this sneak-peek that normally only employees would have access to. By the end of the 30 days, your business’ goal should be to have given customers a rare experience to feel as though they are more than just a follower, but a part of your small business’ family.

Another great social media challenge your business could take part in is something along the lines of an “Instagram Takeover.” These activities take the followers of your social media accounts on a personalized day in the life of an employee. Not only does this give customers a better insight into the inner-workings of the business, but it also puts that human face behind the name of the brand. This is a powerful concept because it is impactful to know that real, human emotion and thoughts are behind the products and services your customers are purchasing. Also, by being open about the daily operations of your small business, a level of authenticity is developed that is like no other.

Additionally, we have the idea of themed days each week, which determines the content that gets posted. An example of this previously mentioned is #throwbackthursday which can consist of an image from a previous month, or year. You can include a little blurb about this flashback and maybe mention some ways in which your business has grown and matured over the given time period. Another example is #mondaymotivation or #mondaymood. Posting something motivational to get the week going could be a very positive idea that would definitely reach customers well. Something for #mondaymood could be a humorous post joking about the nature of Monday’s and how rough they tend to be. This can make the day more light-hearted, and will allow for your business to stand out even more to followers. One last idea could be #fridayfun. This could consist of pictures from casual Friday attire to any fun activities or traditions your small business has.

As you can see, there are so many different ways to get more involved on your small business’ social media pages. These “challenges,” per say, are very interactive ways to connect with customers, and show a more personal angle to your small business. These are just some ideas, but there are so many more out there!


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