What do you Really Know About Branding?

When we think of a brand, the first thing we think of is the brand’s name. But what’s the second thing, third thing, and fourth thing you think of? That’s all part of their branding too! Let’s take Progressive Insurance for instance. One of the first things you think of is the salesperson, Flo, who’s featured in all of their commercials. When you think about LuluLemon, you might think about the reusable logo bags everyone receives after their purchase. Flo from Progressive and LuluLemon’s logo bags are all part of their branding and allow the company to distinguish itself from their competitors.

“Branding is the strategy by which companies differentiate themselves from their competitors. A company’s branding is the unique qualities customers associate with a company.”

Here are some examples of different types of branding companies use…

  • Brand name
  • Logo
  • Retail store design/layout
  • Customer service
  • Business processes/in-store operations
  • Universal product features
  • Market material (campaigns)

The Flying Tiger Copenhagen does an excellent job of branding their company with the design and layout of their retail stores. Unlike most stores which have high shelves above eye level and varying types of product displays, Flying Tiger has an industrial set up in-store with universal display of their products on stands only at and below eye level. This allows customers to experience an open store layout and also directs customers on a maze around all of their products until they loop back around to the register.

This swim brand packages their bathing suits in Chinese food boxes to make it even more enjoyable and exciting when customers receive their products in the mail. They even include a handwritten note from the company to make customers feel even more appreciated and loved by the company. The provides a unique, memorable experience for customers that they will now look forward to each time they order a product from the company.

Hopefully you found some inspiration in the examples of companies that are successfully branding themselves to their customer base, but branding has to be different for every company, seeing as the goal is to differentiate your business. It can be very difficult to come up with a unique strategy for branding your company but it can first be helpful to make a list of words and phrases your company associates with. Once the list is made, brainstorm ways in which you could relay that word or statement to customers and out of that list, you can develop new strategies for branding your company. Branding is a never-ending process. The most successful companies continuously work to improve and develop their branding techniques to consistently impress and excite customers.

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How well do you know your customers?

No matter if you have hundreds of customers or just a handful, getting to know them can be the key ingredient to repeat business and or long term customer loyalty.

Here at MaxExposure we pride ourselves on offering the highest  level of customer service possible, down the the smallest detail of greeting our customers by name when they call (caller-ID, is KEY for this :)). Asking your customers about their life, major events coming up, what they did this past weekend or even remembering their order (at a restaurant) helps to make your customers feel appreciated and that you care about them for more than just their role as a patron.

So how do you work to keep your customers? In age of social media, its easy!

  1. Host an Event – Events are a great way to get to know your customers outside of the “buyer-seller” relationship. Whether its a wine & cheese mixer at retail store, a customer appreciation happy-hour, or a special “members-only” class at the gym, having small events allows you to meet each of your customers and spend time getting to know them!
  2. Connect on Social Media – Highlighting your customers and or taking pictures of them in your business is a great way to not only thank them for their business & loyalty, but also a great way to increase your social exposure. When you feature your customers on your social media, it’s very likely that they will repost and promote you to their following.
  3. RESPOND to YOUR REVIEWS! – Responding to your customers reviews when they are complimentary is JUST as important as when the customer has an issue. Thanking your customers publicly online, is crucial to ensuring they come back and visit your business again. The smallest gestures have the biggest impact, BUT, if you feel you don’t have time to keep up with your reviews, we’re always here to help you by monitoring and responding to them on your behalf! #shamelessplug
  4. Create a loyalty rewards program – we’re pretty sure it goes back to the days of potty training, but our society is highly driven by cause & effect rewards. Whether its a free wash after 10 car washes purchased, a punch card towards a free sandwich  or a 25% off coupon after your 1st visit, about 64% of small businesses say their loyalty programs have been successful.

Don’t worry, while you’re taking the time to get to know your customers, we are here to help monitor your reviews and manage your social media!

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