7 Reasons why Customers aren’t Opening your Emails

Reaching out to customers via email can be a great way to increase sales and spread the word about new promotions. However, despite the useful information that you are trying to get across, customers may not even be opening your emails, let alone reading them.

Here are seven reasons why customers aren’t opening up your emails….  

There is not an Engaging Subject Line

The first thing a customer sees when looking at their emails are the subject lines, which is why they are arguably the most important part of any email. They act as a first impression and insight into what the content of the email will be. Using an interesting subject line will encourage customers to click on the email and read more. However, when writing your subject line, make sure it is revolved around the content that is actually in the email. Customers do not like false subject baits and will start to assume all your subject headings are non-transparent and will stop opening emails from your company.

There is no Incentive to Open the Email

Offering an incentive to open an email goes hand-in-hand with an engaging subject line. An effective way to incentivize customers to open your email is to include incentives in the subject heading of the email. This way the first thing the customer sees is, “New products in stock!” or “Extra 15% off Sale Items Through Wednesday” which will entice them to open the email and read further.

Emails are Not Personalized

“Emails with personalized subject lines experience a higher open rate of 26 percent” — Campaign Monitor

Instead of sending a generic email to all customers, target the email towards each specific customer the email is sent to. Include their name in the email, as well as information related to their frequent purchases. For example, if someone always orders a specific item, do not send them an email regarding a completely different item. This will not only drastically increase your open rate, but it will increase the effectiveness, in regard to conversion rate, of your emails as well.

Emails are Timed Poorly

The time and frequency that emails are sent at can greatly impact how many customers are reading your emails. If you are sending emails too frequently, customers may not read your emails out of annoyance. If you aren’t sending emails frequently enough, customers may lose interest. Instead, you must find the middle ground: 2-3 emails a week is recommended.

In addition to frequency, the time that emails are sent plays a big role in reader activity. Consider sending emails at times that aren’t super busy for working people. For instance, send emails in the morning or at night after people are done working.

Emails are not reaching the proper audience

Emails are most likely to be opened by active and engaged customers. Customers who have not purchased from your company in years will be less likely to open your emails and read about new promotions. Instead of purchasing an email list, consider sending emails to people who have recently expressed interest in your services. Email promotions should be focused on quality customers, not quantity of customers you’re sending them to.

Emails are not mobile friendly

Most people primarily check their email on their cell phones. Emails that are not mobile friendly can be a nuisance to view, and customers may not even bother to read them.  Make sure that your emails are properly formatted for mobile devices, as well as computers.

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The emails go to the customer’s spam folder

Some emails from businesses go to spam instead of the customer’s primary inbox. Customers are  less likely to view their spam folder, which means that customers may not even know that you sent an email! To solve this issue, make sure that your email is not from “Do not reply.” The “from” line must clearly state your company name, not simply your email address.

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Employee Feature: Amanda Ciarci, Marketing Assistant


What do you do for MaxExposure?

My daily tasks include sourcing and posting content for clients as well as monitoring their social media accounts.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I love having the opportunity to enable our clients to have an online presence that aligns with their goals as a business owner. I feel as though this is typically thought as a luxury for large-scale corporations, but in this day and age it’s now a possibility for every business, no matter the size, to be able to build upon their brand and reputation.

Why do you feel companies should choose MaxExposure?

Having a team like us, completely focused on the marketing, enables every customer to freely pursue the dream that led them to starting their business! What we offer is a new way to connect with the users of the phenomenal products and services our clients are already providing.

What is your favorite MaxExposure product?

I don’t think I could pick just one! One of the best aspects of the services we offer is that we can create a customized package tailored exactly to what each individual business needs. 

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Employee Feature: Alli Burns, Marketing Assistant

Hi!! My name is Alli and I’m the face behind many of the MaxExposure blog posts! I have been working with MaxExposure for a little over a year as a marketing assistant. To give you a little background on me, I am originally from Connecticut, I am a marketing major attending Bentley University, I am a big red sox fan, and on the weekends you can catch me watching Friends reruns!

What do you do for MaxExposure?

I am responsible for creating and posting social media content for customers to maximize their social media engagement and following. I am also responsible for creating and publishing content on our MaxExposure blog to give our customers, and blog viewers, social media tips and inform them of new marketing trends to help them improve their own marketing strategy!

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of my job is hearing back from my boss, Aly, that one of my clients is loving the content I am posting for them. To know that I am not only helping a company increase their online following and sales, but that I’ve actually excited them about their social media account, and their business in general, is extremely rewarding.

I’ve also greatly enjoyed writing and publishing our MaxExposure blogs and learning about new marketing topics, tips, and trends that not only can help our customers, but make me a better marketer as well! ((Click here to check out more of our MaxExposure blogs and get tips on how to improve your company’s marketing!))

Why do you feel companies should choose MaxExposure?

I think companies looking to improve their marketing tactics and company profitability should choose MaxExposure because they are a family-run business. Being a family-run business means they are extremely invested in their customer’s satisfaction with our services. In using a larger marketing company, often times your only point of contact is “customer service” calls and email. At MaxExposure, any time a customer has a concern about their products, they have the opportunity to reach out and speak directly with the employee in charge of providing their services.

Speaking with the actual person in charge of the services gives the customer an opportunity to not only consult that employee regarding their concerns, but collaborate with them and get advice from an expert on how to improve.

What is your favorite MaxExposure product?

My favorite MaxExposure product is the new Website Builder product! A lot of small businesses have outdated or nonfunctional websites so being able to see the transformation of their online company image has been amazing! 


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Small Business Tips: Using Personalized Marketing to Reach Customers

Let’s Get Personal.

As many of us have noticed, companies online have been getting increasingly “personal” with their customers…maybe even so personal that we’re a little creeped out. For instance, when you are online shopping on a clothing website and then you go on Instagram and there’s an ad for the same exact dress you were just looking at a moment ago. Many people can even recall a time when they were discussing let’s say a certain book with their friend and that same book showed up in an Amazon advertisement without them ever having viewed it online. Maybe it’s our phones listening to us, or maybe, it’s the businesses we shop at.

Although some forms of personalized marketing can come off as a bit creepy and are not super effective in boosting sales or customer retention, personalized marketing, when done correctly, can have a significant positive impact on your business. So how do we use personalized marketing correctly?? Here’s how…



Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 12.24.08 PMFirst things first, if you’re going to personalize emails, text messages, printed mail, or Facebook messages, you have to get consent from the customer first. This means that the customer has to have given you their Facebook account information, phone number, address, email address, and name. One way many companies do this is at checkout when they ask if the customer would like to receive text or email alerts on upcoming sales, promotions, and company news. This way when they receive the personalized marketing, they don’t think your company is tracking down their information or stalking you online because they gave you the information themselves.


Track Purchases

Now that you have the information you need to send them more personalized marketing, you need to figure out what type of message you’re going to be sending them. Seeing as you are operating a small business, you may not have access to softwares that track individual customer purchases, so tracking which products are selling the most currently is an easier alternative.Utilizing your social media can be helpful here too by viewing the posts your company is tagged in by consumers. Keeping track of which inventory is selling, and promoting a related product or service will get you a much better return by boosting sales of that product even more. 


Comments, Compliments, & Concerns

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS write down anything a customer has to say about your business. Whether it’s in regards to a specific product or service, a specific customer experience, or customer service. If you run a restaurant, write down what customers have to say about certain dishes so you can either change up recipes, or promote a popular dish more often. Even viewing customer reviews on Google, Yelp, or Facebook can be extremely helpful in receiving more specific input on your company’s progress.


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Top 5 Engaging Social Media Topics

As the limits to the content your company posts on social media is rather unlimited today with the addition of new applications for editing pictures and videos, it can get a bit confusing on what exactly to post. To help you out, I have a list of the top 5 most engaging topics for your social media posting that not only increase viewer engagement, but increase sales as well!


Product Photos

Showing your product on your company’s social media feed allows for viewers to familiarize themselves with your product and encourages them to look into your product further.


ALWAYS make sure your images are high quality to insure your product looks as appealing as possible!

Including a link either in the post or on your bio (on Instagram) to your website to allow for viewers to check out more of your products is effective in increasing your sales!


Customer Photo Re-posts

Reposting images posted by your company’s customers will not only make the customer  feel appreciated and recognized, but encourage others to post images with your product on their pages as well.


Include the tag of your customer so people viewing their profile can see the tag and visit your page!

Make the customer look good!! (no one else is going to want you to republish their picture if you’re going to make them look bad)


Behind-the-Scenes Photos

Behind-the-scenes pictures or videos can include anything from community involvement, to company events or in-office activities. Showing your viewers what happens in your company behind-the-scenes allows for them to connect and familiarize themselves with your company and its employees and build trust with you.


Make sure people look happy in the pictures!! :)))

Don’t make the picture look too staged. Taking a combination of candids and posed-for pictures will give your viewers a good idea of how the event was and show the camaraderie of your company’s employees.



Creating your own social media posts gives your company’s social media page another dimension and allows for increased freedom on what you can post.


Check out our infographics on our Instagram @maxexpousa !


Tips and Advice

Giving tips to your viewers that are connected to your business allows for them to get more involved in your industry and will allow for your social media pages to actually benefit them.


Make sure your tips are useful to your viewers! Example: If you own a clothing store, give them a tip on how to repurpose an old piece of clothing, or show them a new fashion trend that’s emerging!

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Social Media Hacks to Bump up your Engagement

With the constant addition of new features on social media networks, knowing what features to use to best utilize each social network can get pretty overwhelming. To escape the confusion, here are the five most cost-effective and marketing-effective features on social media networks today…


Facebook Post Advertisements

Although some companies pay Facebook to post advertisements, posting advertisements on your own company’s Facebook page is a much cheaper alternative. Although these advertisements may not reach as many people, the people it does reach are more quality. This is because the advertisement shows up on their feed either because they have already liked your company’s page or posts, or because their friends liked your page or posts. The key to posting an effective Facebook advertisement is including appealing graphics that catch the eye, keeping the content short, simple, and to the point, and making the content engaging (asking viewers to click a link, publish a comment, or like and share the post to receive a discount or promo).


Instagram Stories and Story Highlights

Instagram stories are also extremely cost effective and effective in reaching your target audience because like the Facebook advertisements, the viewers of your Instagram stories are users who have already followed your company’s page, or users who are currently viewing your page. Instagram stories are not only a great way to advertise new promotions, but new product releases, company events and community involvement, or even just to remind viewers in general to visit your company soon. If you own a restaurant for example, posting pictures of dishes on the menu for the day could cause someone who was maybe going to eat at a different restaurant that day, to eat at your restaurant. If you are not consistently engaged in posting stories, creating story highlight reels is a great way to always have a story available for new viewers, as well as categorize your stories so they are easier for viewers to navigate.


Instagram Campaign Posts

Posting Instagram campaign posts are a great way to engage viewers, as well as expand your company’s social network outreach. Some examples of content for an Instagram campaign might be…

“Like this post and republish on your Insta story to receive 40% off today only!”

“Like this post and post a beach pic on your Instagram with #CompanyNameSale to get BOGO free on all swim apparel!”

This not only will increase your sales during the promotion, but will also expand your campaign outreach as viewers will be republishing your post to all of their followers, or post your hashtag on their Instagram post, encouraging more people to view and engage in your campaign, and get your company’s hashtag trending, improving the chances of your company’s post showing up on the Explore feed.


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3 Business Leaders on their Secrets to Success

There are so many things vital to building and growing success for your company that at times, it can seem rather overwhelming. Sometimes taking a step back and learning from successful business leaders today on what they find most important in maintaining success for their company can help you reevaluate and create steps for expanding your company’s success! Here are three business leaders on their secrets to success…


Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of Amazon

“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.”

Jeff Bezos states that reputation is one of the most important things you and your company have. Building a good reputation for yourself and your company is dependent on providing quality customer service and products for your customers. Everyone wants to have a good reputation as an individual amongst friends, family, and colleagues. This is the way you should look at your company’s reputation. Building relationships and good standing with your company’s community, customers, and employees.


Mark Benioff, CEO of SalesForce

“My summers at Apple had taught me that the secret to encouraging creativity and producing the best possible product was to keep people fulfilled and happy.”

Mark Benioff suggests that keeping your employees and people within your company happy allows for more production, better customer service, and furthered success for your company. Giving your employees short-term and long-term goals for their own individual success will allow you to accomplish larger company goals both in the short-term and long-term as employees will have their own incentives to work harder. Developing goals, as well as providing your employees with a fun and enjoyable work environment will lead to happier employees, and a fast-growing company.


Joe Grushkin, CEO of MaxExposure

“I have learned that all great business have 3 things in common; great people, great program and great products. While all 3 aspects are critical to a business’ success, surrounding yourself with great people is the key to true success as a business owner.”

Joe is a firm believer in the “3 P’s,” but to achieve each of these, it really does come down to you as a leader, and the people you hire, and learn from. When you have great people, they develop great programs and products for your business, they find great clients and bring great profits. Keeping that in mind, as a business leader, you have to be ‘on your game’ at all times to lead your people and inspire them to treat your company as if it was their own. As the true leader you will show your team that nothing will deter you from success and they will strive to achieve greatness for your business with you!


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3 Tips for Communicating with Customers

Your customers are the only reason that you exist. They are the ones that buy your products/services and provide the feedback that improves your brand. How you communicate with your customers and your tone and expressions while speaking to them has a bigger impact than what you’re actually saying to your customers. How you interact with your customers also will directly reflect how they interact & communicate their opinions on your business, in the form of reviews & when recommending you to a friend.


Occasionally, you will have an easy-going customer that takes in every word and piece of advice that you give as if it was water in the Sahara desert. However, the rest of the time, customers may not always be easy or delightful to converse with.

So… how can you hone in on your communication skills to make every conversation an easy one? Albert Mehranian, an expert on communication and professor of psychology at UCLA tells us that successful communication is 55% body language, 38% tone and 7% word choice. Below are three tips on how you can improve how you communicate with your customers…

Choose your words carefully!

Establishing a close relationship with your customers helps to provide a feeling of comfort and trust in communication. When speaking to customers, using certain words or phrases can help portray a positive or negative image of a company.  Most importantly, one word answers are NEVER an answer. Follow simple grammatical rules to avoid being seen as short or cold by always using at least 3 words in every response to a client. 

pexels-photo-838413.jpegThis same rule applies to when you are not communicating with customers face-to-face, and are instead communicating over platforms such as Live Chat, over the phone or through email. When people are communicating over these platforms rather than in person, they tend to forget these customer communication norms. Without being face-to-face and having those non-verbal communicators, forgetting to include the proper verbal phrases or words with customers can do even more harm than it might if you were speaking in person with the customer. The following word choice graphic displays words and phrases that may create positive or negative sentiments towards your company:


Words Express Ideas, Tone Expresses Emotions..

Knowing your customers is the most important part of utilizing tone in order to reflect company values. More than company values, tone also identifies personality. When a customer feels that they know the company values and can relate to the personality of its employees, a sense of trust is created. Trust is the most important part in a business transaction and a customer is more likely to be a repeat customer if they truly trust your company. Therefore, it is important to reflect company values in the tone that you use when speaking to customers because it is what helps create your company image.

hands-coffee-cup-apple.jpgKnowing how to convey this same tone nonverbally, such as over email or online messaging, as well as verbally but not in person, such as over the phone or on a live chat, is also extremely important in maintaining good relationships with your customers. On the phone and over live chat, tone of voice is essential in communicating effectively with your customers and maintaining a productive and engaged conversation. Over email or online messaging platforms, this tone of voice can be expressed in the form of exclamation points, allowing the customer to read your messages in that welcoming, friendly tone of voice you are trying to convey.

A good tip for recognizing the tone you are communicating over non verbal or written words, is to read over your message prior to sending it to the client and seeing what tone of voice you read the message in:

“Thank you for your feedback, we hope you visit our restaurant soon.”  vs…

“Thank you for your feedback! We hope you visit our restaurant soon!!”

When people read your emails or online messages, they create the tone of voice the message conveys in their head based on the punctuation, as well as the words themselves. It is important here to see how big of a difference the punctuation alone makes to the tone of the message. The second line sounds enthusiastic and friendly, whereas the first line sounds dull and bored.

How we Communicate Non Verbally

Much of business interactions are personal and various studies show that over 50% of communication between individuals is nonverbal. Using these nonverbal communicators when communicating in person with customers is extremely important in the customer’s interpretation of what you are saying, as well as how genuine they determine your words to be.

When communicating over live chats rather than in person, these nonverbal communicators will not be as obvious or recognized by the customer, so exaggerating these cues will allow you to again, insure that the customer correctly interprets what you are saying. Below is a graphic with the most important types of nonverbal communication that can help you to build trust and credibility with clients.






By following these 3 pieces of advice and utilizing our Live Chat and Customer Voice products, making every business conversation, whether it’s over video chat, on the phone, or in person, become much easier. Good communication and productive conversations reflects positively in customer reviews and leads to repeat business.

We can help you communicate! Contact us today to find out how our services can change the way you communicate with your customers, for the better!

To ensure you’re communicating with your customers as effectively as possible check out our customer service tools which can help increase your positive reviews online & the ability for customers to reach you through live chat to quickly answer their questions!



How to Effectively Reach your Audience Using Social Media

Identify your Audience on Social Media

This is the first step to any type of marketing your company is involved in. You may think you have this figured out, because your company’s social media audience is just your target market, right? Wrong. Your company’s audience on social media is not only your company’s customers, but everyone associated with your company and your brand. Partners, stakeholders, employees, and customers are all included in your company’s social media audience. Recognizing every type of involvement your social media audience has with your company is essential in knowing how to effectively reach them through your company’s social media posts.


Another factor to consider when determining your company’s social media audience is the variety of age and demographics in your audience. For any company’s social media audience, it is safe to say the ages of the audience will contain a range of at least 20+ years. Considering this, posting content that attracts every age in your audience is very important in maintaining your social media following and engaging your audience. This means not posting content that would only be understood by one specific age group such as trendy phrases that only a younger generation might understand, as well as references to subjects only older groups would recognize.

Determine What Social Media Platforms Apply to your Audience

pexels-photo-429247.jpegNow that you have identified who your company’s social media audience is, you need to determine what social media platforms they use most, or are most valuable to them. If you already have active social media accounts, you could determine this through simply looking at your company’s current following on each social media site. You could also determine this however, by performing secondary research to find out what social media sites are most used by what kinds of people. www.statista.com contains various statistics on the demographics of users on social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram. Performing this secondary research, as well as using your current information on social media usage specific to your audience is very beneficial in knowing what social media platforms apply to your audience.


Find out what your Audience wants from your Social Media

Knowing what your audience wants out of your company’s social media is extremely important in creating effective content for your social media accounts. In trying to figure out what your audience wants from your social media, it can be very helpful to look not only at your specific product or service and your specific company, but at the industry as a whole. Everyone involved in your business, and included in your social media audience; partners, shareholders, employees, and customers, is therefore involved in your industry. Posts that apply to that industry as a whole will appeal to all of your social media audience.

If you run a dog shelter, you may post images or write posts for dogs that are up for adoption currently. This will appeal mainly to the customers in your social media audience. To appeal to the other sectors of your social media audience, you could post images of dogs that were recently adopted and are now in loving homes, employee stories, pet tips & advice, interesting articles that are pet / animal related and or company activities. By posting adoptions, employee stories and company activities it will allow your employees and customers to engage more and share their involvement to their personal sites.  It’s also important to remain relevant and interesting to your audience, by posting more than just “pets up for adoptions” your brand will grow further than those solely looking for a new family member, which can help other animals get adopted by people sharing content that they find interesting, which helps grow your brand and link back to your social media channels.


Create a Personality for your Social Media that Appeals to your Audience

Creating a personality that all of your social media audience can relate, or agree with is extremely important in attracting your audience to your company’s social media posts. People not only pay attention to the pictures being posted, or even the words written in the post, but how they are written, and the voice behind them. Knowing the type of personality that would appeal to your audience will make them enjoy your posts even more, and feel more comfortable engaging in your company’s posts with responses, likes, and so on. This will also encourage your audience to read through your posts when they see them on their social media feed as they not only like seeing the posts, but hearing that voice behind each post.

pexels-photo-708440.jpegHaving social media accounts that are constantly receiving likes, comments, or reviews from your audience will further enhance the effectiveness of the accounts, as well as help your company maintain a good brand image. Although your company already does maintain relationships with your customers through business transactions & follow up, social media can be another great way to enhance those relationships, and maintain a company presence even without people actually physically interacting with your company.


Implementing your New Social Media Strategy

Making alterations to any business process can seem daunting at times, but that is never a reason not to do it. Whether you just need to make one slight change to your social media accounts after reading this, or feel the need to do a complete overhaul, it is possible, and it is always worth doing to improve your company. Below are three ways you can go about implementing your new social media strategy…

Hiring a Social Media Management Company

Hiring a third party company to revamp your social media accounts and create posts for your company allows you to almost entirely eliminate the stress of doing it yourself. Social media management companies not only post to your company’s accounts, but meet with your company’s employees to discuss the type of audience your company wants to appeal to. Our company, Max Exposure Business Solutions, offers various packages to help maintain an excellent social media presence, including our Max Exposure Essentials – Basic package. This package includes social posting, responding to customer reviews/comments, and monthly analytics reports amongst other services. 

Hiring a Professional for In-house Training

Hiring a professional to train you or one of your employees on how to use social software can be extremely helpful in revamping your social media accounts. This is a cost effective way to get a handle on where to start in improving your social media accounts and how to constantly track the progress of your social media activity. Max Exposure Business Solutions offers a DIY Software Training service which offers one hour of professional training on social posting, social listening, social media analytics, and more.

Facebook Ads

pexels-photo-267482.jpegCreating Facebook ads for your company can help you identify who your audience is, and gain an increased following from your audience. People on Facebook will view your ad and if the subject appeals to them, they can click on the ad, view your page, and like your page, automatically sending your posts to their feed. This is a time and cost efficient way for you to identify what people apply to your company’s social media audience, while simultaneously marketing for your company. If your company is looking to increase their Facebook following and find its social media audience, feel free to look at Max Exposure’s Facebook Advertising – Level 2 package!



5 Cost Effective Ways to Increase your Business’ Exposure


  1. Long Term benefits of SEO: The ultimate goal of a business is to make a long term profit. There are many ways to create profit through online marketing, one of the most popular being pay-per-click. Pay-per-click gives you higher optimization but it comes with a cost associated with each click to the ad. SEO is a superb alternative to pay-per-click. SEO can benefit a client in the long term by optimizing a company’s web ranking. By optimizing your web page, you focus on a long-term production of a client base. SEO is significantly superior to pay-per-click because they solidify traffic on your website, creating more opportunities for potential sales. This proves SEO to not only be more superior, but also more cost-effective because they organically grow a website’s traffic and cost substantially less in the long run.

Long term term pay per click campaigns can run anywhere from $1-$50 per click, the link is pushed out to all IP addresses, not targeted to customers so you may by paying for clicks that will never result in a profit.

Long term cost for SEO: $240/month

If you’re interested in working with SEO to organically boost your company’s search ability and expand your possible client base, check out our base SEO package, Bronze SEO Package.

  1. pexels-photo-210661.jpegListing management: If you’re still using a phonebook in 2018, consider yourself an oddity. Establishing accurate business listings online is key in order to appear in more searches across the Internet. Using the best optimization techniques and reputable listing sites is crucial to being found by potential customers. By aggregating your information to data collecting websites, your business becomes easier to find and the opportunity to create potential customers increases. Getting noticed and standing out in a pool of small-businesses can’t be possible if you’re not listed online, or if your listed information is inaccurate/under detailed.

Studies by WordStream and Google found that 72% of local listing searches resulted in a client visiting a location within 5 miles and that 78% of these searches result in offline purchasing of products or services.

If you’re interested in optimizing your search ability by accurately representing your company’s information, check out our Listing Builder Services.

  1. Reputation management – Being obscure is a great way to become obsolete. Businesses with the most and highest ranking online reviews receive more traffic than those that receive very few reviews. Positive reviews not only build customer trust but increase customer retention. By gathering valuable reviews, you also maximize the SEO of your company. A maximized SEO creates opportunities to increase your customer base.

If you’re interested in focusing on your reputation management and gaining more reviews in order to maximize your SEO and drive online conversions, check out our Reputation Management Essential Package.

MaxExposure can help you to increase your business’ exposure for a fraction of the price of our competitors.

Our Price: $50/ month

Our competitors (i.e. Hibu or Yext):$499+/month

  1. Use of a blog: Having a company blog that is relative to your market is key to maximizing company exposure. It not only gives an alternative look on your company but also maximizes your SEO. The ideal sales post should be largely based upon advice.  Selling should be a significant element of the post but only in impact – not in volume of space. The disconnect that many companies and clients face is that of necessity. Many clients feel as though companies simply push products or services onto them to make profit instead of fix a real problem. The use of a blog demonstrates that the company has an understanding of problems facing their clients and knows how to solve these problems. This also increases trust and credibility of the company.


According to HubSpot, 1 in 10 blog posts are compounding, meaning that they organically build traffic and that 38% of all generated traffic comes from compounding blog posts.

Blogs are also an extremely affordable way to get your business name out there as it can be done for a minimal monthly fee and only the cost of labor to write the blog. When done correctly and optimized properly you can increase your online footprint without a great expense.

  1. Facebook ads: Facebook ads, albeit similar to pay-per-click, are slightly different because you have the ability to set a budget, which is ONLY used up when someone clicks, but you are still getting exposure from people seeing the ad in your target demographic. Facebook ads are a cost-effective way to increase your business’ exposure because they can be highly targeted to the specific type of customer a business is looking to reach.

pexels-photo-744464.jpegIn fact, PewResearch Center records that 78% of adult internet users use Facebook. HubSpot claims that Facebook has the most active user base with 70% of their users logging in daily and an increase of content consumption of 57% over the past 2 years.

If you’re interested in working with MaxExposure to increase your company’s visibility through Facebook Ads, check out our Level 1 Facebook Advertising Package.


https://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2015/05/21/how-much-does-adwords cost


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