How to Motivate Yourself at Work

With Summer approaching and warm temperatures (finally) kicking in, many of us are experiencing a lack of motivation to stay in the office and get things done when you could be enjoying the weather. Although a dip in the pool or trip to the beach is always nice, being productive and successful can have greater lasting impacts than a tan! When you find your mind slipping away from work, try following these quick and easy tips!

Set up small goals

Looming deadlines and large projects can be daunting!! So much to do, and not enough time or motivation to even begin. Often, getting started is the hardest part. In order to combat this issue, try breaking up your large assignments into small tasks. The more you accomplish, the more motivated you feel to keep working. Don’t take a break or get distracted until you finish a task in order to motivate yourself to keep moving!

Write down what you need to do

Visualizing what you need to get done makes it so much easier to actually accomplish things. Try using an agenda, google calendar, or even apps to record your tasks. Nothing is more satisfying than crossing items off of a list! Seeing items crossed off on an agenda can help you feel motivated and productive.

Set up a timeline

It is so easy to let your mind wander and get distracted at work. Implementing a timeline can help you to stay on track and make your time more valuable. Try setting mini deadlines- and stick to them! Again, breaking large projects into smaller chunks can help you to get things done more efficiently.

Eliminate distractions

Distractions can be your worst enemy in the workplace. Do you find yourself constantly checking your phone? Staring out the window? Chatting with coworkers? Getting rid of distractions is crucial to ensure that you’re not even tempted! We are all victims of using social media as a means of procrastination. But I promise, your instagram feed will still be there after you get out of work. Try turning off your phone, moving your desk so that you can’t see a window, and save the chatting with coworkers for AFTER work! You will feel so much more productive if you zone into what you are doing.

Reward system

Lastly, implement a reward system for yourself. Plan out what you are doing after work during your commute so that you have something to look forward to. Making your life outside of work more interesting can help to motivate you while you’re working. In addition, planning out your night BEFORE work can help prevent you from trying to figure it out during work.

Even the most productive of us have been victims of a lack of motivation during work. Try to use these tips to pick yourself up when you find yourself going into a slump! Click here to see how our services can help your business!

How’s your mindset?

Your mindset in business is just as important as anything else. If you don’t know how to deal with adversity or don’t have the right attitude to fix problems that come up, then you might be in trouble. Check out our video about how the ocean is alot like entrepreneurship.