How To: Respond to Negative Feedback

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Receiving negative feedback isn’t fun for anyone involved: The unhappy customer has spent their time and resources on a product or service that they aren’t satisfied with, the provider didn’t live up to their expectation and the business’ credibility is hurt. How can you gracefully fix this situation while retaining the unhappy customer? Follow these simple steps to reverse your unhappy customers opinion.

1. Identify the problem & customer’s disposition

The customer is clearly angry in this review because they were kicked out of a restaurant that they frequent. They are also angry because they believe that they were kicked out due to racial bias. The manager and hostess were identified as the “culprits” in this review. Whether this review is 100% honest or not, you must treat it as if it is. The customer ALWAYS comes first. Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 12.42.53 PM

2. Respond to the customer feedback ASAP

Timing is EVERYTHING. The restaurant who received this review responded to the review weeks later. This makes them appear to have bad time management skills as well as being careless and not concerned with their customer service. The customer is clearly speaking in an angry tone so it is important to respond to all issues in the review with neutral wording. NEVER fight fire with fire, especially in the world of business because credibility is EVERYTHING. Example message: Good Afternoon *insert customer name.* We apologize for the way that you were treated at our restaurant on *insert date here.* We have spoken with our management and hostess staff to ensure that a situation such as this will not occur again. We are an inclusive restaurant that does its best to serve all customers with five star service. We would like to invite you back to *insert restaurant name* to give us another chance and try one of our famous dessert dishes, complimentary. Thank you for your review. Your feedback matters.

3. Determine a remedy

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 1.03.38 PM

4. Make sure that it doesn’t happen again

To ensure that this issue does not occur again and future negative reviews can be avoided, speak to staff members about the situation. Get their insights and opinions on what happened and work with them to make sure they have proper training in regards to the conflict. It’s better to be proactive and keep the negative experience from occurring instead of having to do damage control.

Transparency: Your Top Priority

This past week I discovered that one of my favorite clothing brands was not animal-friendly. As a vegan, this greatly upset me because my lifestyle is aimed at sustainability and limiting my use of animal products. In my rage, I wrote a well-worded, polite yet also snippy post on one of their social media sites. I was hoping that the company would contact me apologizing for their mistake. When I checked this social media site about an  later hour, I discovered that my post had been removed by the company. This brand not only removed my feedback, but they also destroyed a possible dialogue and refused to give me A+ customer service. They lost my loyalty, my future business and my good opinion of them.

This entire scenario could have completely avoided if this brand was simply… transparent. Transparency is one of the keys to all successful businesses. Transparency creates loyalty and loyalty creates repeated business. In light of this recent scenario, here are a three easy ways that you can build your brand’s reputation in regards to transparency.

Create a medium for customers to contact you directly

By establishing a medium for customers to contact you directly, they can directly ask you any questions or concerns they may have. The last thing you want is for a customer to reach out to third party for an answer regarding your business because it creates opportunities for misunderstandings and loss of business. Sometimes customers do not want to sit on the phone with customer service, and look for other ways to communicate quickly. One of the easiest ways to establish one of these mediums is through a  Facebook Messenger Chatbot or Live Chat. With a chatbot, automated responses are sent to your customer regarding any of their questions while with live chat, the customer chats one on one with a business representative.

Respond to ALL feedback

Not responding to feedback makes it look like your business doesn’t care. Deleting feedback makes it looks like your business has something to hide. Without explanation, it is clear why these are poor decisions. Through quick and polite responses to negative/positive feedback, customers feel like their opinions matter and misunderstandings are avoided. Having a o  Reputation Management system is best way to retain customers and have high ranking customer loyalty.

Allow employees to voice their opinions on products publicly

An employee is the ultimate narrator to a business’ quality because they understand the inner workings of everything that occurs “behind closed doors.” By displaying employee opinions in public places, such as on your companies social media & website, customers are more apt to trust your business because the people that work there, themselves, trust it and have a high opinion of it. Doing this through employee reviews of products, employee videos and testimonials is a great way to encourage more customer trust.

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5 Cost Effective Ways to Increase your Business’ Exposure


  1. Long Term benefits of SEO: The ultimate goal of a business is to make a long term profit. There are many ways to create profit through online marketing, one of the most popular being pay-per-click. Pay-per-click gives you higher optimization but it comes with a cost associated with each click to the ad. SEO is a superb alternative to pay-per-click. SEO can benefit a client in the long term by optimizing a company’s web ranking. By optimizing your web page, you focus on a long-term production of a client base. SEO is significantly superior to pay-per-click because they solidify traffic on your website, creating more opportunities for potential sales. This proves SEO to not only be more superior, but also more cost-effective because they organically grow a website’s traffic and cost substantially less in the long run.

Long term term pay per click campaigns can run anywhere from $1-$50 per click, the link is pushed out to all IP addresses, not targeted to customers so you may by paying for clicks that will never result in a profit.

Long term cost for SEO: $240/month

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  1. pexels-photo-210661.jpegListing management: If you’re still using a phonebook in 2018, consider yourself an oddity. Establishing accurate business listings online is key in order to appear in more searches across the Internet. Using the best optimization techniques and reputable listing sites is crucial to being found by potential customers. By aggregating your information to data collecting websites, your business becomes easier to find and the opportunity to create potential customers increases. Getting noticed and standing out in a pool of small-businesses can’t be possible if you’re not listed online, or if your listed information is inaccurate/under detailed.

Studies by WordStream and Google found that 72% of local listing searches resulted in a client visiting a location within 5 miles and that 78% of these searches result in offline purchasing of products or services.

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  1. Reputation management – Being obscure is a great way to become obsolete. Businesses with the most and highest ranking online reviews receive more traffic than those that receive very few reviews. Positive reviews not only build customer trust but increase customer retention. By gathering valuable reviews, you also maximize the SEO of your company. A maximized SEO creates opportunities to increase your customer base.

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  1. Use of a blog: Having a company blog that is relative to your market is key to maximizing company exposure. It not only gives an alternative look on your company but also maximizes your SEO. The ideal sales post should be largely based upon advice.  Selling should be a significant element of the post but only in impact – not in volume of space. The disconnect that many companies and clients face is that of necessity. Many clients feel as though companies simply push products or services onto them to make profit instead of fix a real problem. The use of a blog demonstrates that the company has an understanding of problems facing their clients and knows how to solve these problems. This also increases trust and credibility of the company.


According to HubSpot, 1 in 10 blog posts are compounding, meaning that they organically build traffic and that 38% of all generated traffic comes from compounding blog posts.

Blogs are also an extremely affordable way to get your business name out there as it can be done for a minimal monthly fee and only the cost of labor to write the blog. When done correctly and optimized properly you can increase your online footprint without a great expense.

  1. Facebook ads: Facebook ads, albeit similar to pay-per-click, are slightly different because you have the ability to set a budget, which is ONLY used up when someone clicks, but you are still getting exposure from people seeing the ad in your target demographic. Facebook ads are a cost-effective way to increase your business’ exposure because they can be highly targeted to the specific type of customer a business is looking to reach.

pexels-photo-744464.jpegIn fact, PewResearch Center records that 78% of adult internet users use Facebook. HubSpot claims that Facebook has the most active user base with 70% of their users logging in daily and an increase of content consumption of 57% over the past 2 years.

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