Instagram is one of the world’s most frequently used platforms out there today. Almost all businesses and companies, big and small, are active on this form of social media daily, advertising their products and services to millions of consumers. Below are five useful instagram tips on how to use Instagram to add an edge to your small business.

  • The “comments” section is a social hub on Instagram. Whether someone tags your business in a comment, or if there are comments under your own posts, maintaining engagement is key. It is important to respond to questions or mentions in order to network with businesses in your industry, and connect with customers from anywhere. By staying up-to-date with replying to comments on Instagram, your small business is also showing dedication to your mission, and reflects positive customer service skills. Customers value the attentiveness your business shows to even the smallest comments on your feed.
  • Recruiting real users of your business’ products or services can be a solid testament to how great your business is. Influencers can post pictures or videos of them engaging with a product or service that your business offers. This serves as an example for potential customers, and can interest them in joining your small business’ family. You are able to repost these influencer images or videos to your Instagram story to share the content with all of your followers. Again, this shows that your business ensures quality, and that all customer needs are met.
  • Hashtags can also be a very useful Instagram tool for your small business to become familiar with. If you post a picture or video with a common hashtag in the caption, your content will span further than just your business’ page. Hashtags almost group together related images in a separate area of Instagram for those interested to scroll through. Not only is this a way for your small business to connect with others in your industry, but it allows for your images and posts to reach potential customers who are not yet following you. By familiarizing yourselves with hashtags, your small business is more likely to obtain new customers and connect with other businesses in your industry.
  • Utilizing Instagram for promotional purposes is a fantastic way of getting the most out of this free platform. Many modern businesses host contests on their Instagrams. During these, interested customers have a chance at winning some of your business’ products or services through a few easy steps. There are a few promotional ideas out there that have been proven effective by many businesses. One of which is banding together with other small businesses. By encouraging customers to give other businesses a follow or a repost, not only are you helping yourself, but you are assisting others in your realm of business. Another idea for an Instagram promotion is if interested customers repost some of your content to their own Instagram pages. If they do this, they can be entered in a drawing for a prize produced by your business. Incentives will drive past or new customers to get more involved with your business’ social media. By offering up prizes produced by your business, you are giving consumers a reason to invest in your goods or services long-term.
  • Lastly, it can be very beneficial to link your business’ other social media accounts with your Instagram account. There is a feature in Instagram that allows you to pair things like your Twitter and Facebook with the account. This is a great way of spreading your content out to other platforms, which then allows for more consumers to familiarize themselves with your business.

Instagram has an abundance of user-friendly tools to help spread the word on how great your small business is. Whether it is using your comments section in a new way, or linking your other social media pages with your business’ Instagram, there is so much potential to obtain new customers and connect with other businesses in your area or industry!


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