Eight seconds.

That is the average attention span of any person, meaning that eight seconds is about how long any company has to gain a new customer or lose out on their business. It is essential for companies to provide their customers with a sophisticated, user-friendly experience anytime they visit their website. Your website can look as great as you like, but if it’s a maze to navigate, your customers are going to lose interest quickly. Here are three elements you should lock-down when designing a new website:

1. Readability

Your potential customer should be able to easily scan and find keywords that they are looking for on your website. Keep everything short and simple. Use bulleted lists, frequent subheadings, plenty of white space, and short paragraphs. Also, make sure your content is relevant and filled with keywords that you know your audience will be looking for.

It’s also important to keep readability in mind when it comes to selecting color scheme and font. Make sure your text contrasts well with the background and is easy to read.

2. Mobile Friendly

Another key element of any user-friendly website is mobile-optimization. Today, more than ever, users around the world are accessing the internet on mobile devices rather than from a desktop. In fact, Google says that 61% of users are unlikely to return to a site if they had trouble accessing it from mobile, and 40% will go on to use a customer’s site instead. This is a serious problem for companies trying to grow their business, so make sure mobile optimization is a priority when designing your website!

3. Load Time

Load time is extremely important when designing a website. Typically, companies should aim for an average load time of 4-6 seconds. We all want fast results, so if your website is taking too long, your customers will lose interest and go elsewhere. A poor load time can even have a negative impact on a website’s Google search rankings, so definitely make sure that your website moves as quickly as our attention spans will allow!

Websites are a direct reflection of your company, and if it is not working at an optimal level, your customers may choose to search elsewhere. A positive experience on a website– one that is easy to read, navigate, and quick to load– is the ultimate way to keep customers interested and coming back.


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