Customers often seek that personal connection with those they are purchasing a good or service from. They do not just want to support a faceless brand, but would rather see the “human” side to the brand, and see who exactly makes it all happen. Social media can definitely be utilized to your small business’ advantage in cases such as these. I am going to give you three tips on how to bring your “company culture” to life through the use of social media.

The first way to highlight your business’ culture is through employee-generated content. If your business recently hosted an event, or had a business outing, it can be very meaningful to post content that your employees captured. It shows a more personal side to the business and emphasizes the individual involvement that each employee has and contributes to your business. More specific examples of what to post could be an employee’s family wearing company shirts, or employees enjoying themselves on your average work day. There is no need to tag the personal social media accounts of these employees; just showing them on your feed can show a more intimate side to your small business.

Another way of demonstrating “company culture” on social media is through offering incentives for employees who advocate for your business on their social media pages. Examples of some incentives that can be offered up are gift cards and small tokens of that nature. This will encourage group photos to be taken at events, or could start small competitions such as who can get the most likes on a picture. This way, your business is being tagged by the personal accounts of employees (as long as they are comfortable with doing so, of course). Customers can then see the fact that employees really vouch for their business, and that they want to represent them well even on their own personal social media accounts.

Finally, I am bringing back around that idea of “behind the scenes” photo opportunities. If the whole office participated in a yoga class, or did a 5k race for a particular cause, it can be very meaningful to include that in your social media feed. It physically adds faces to the brand name, and shows customers that it is just everyday people, just like them, running the business. This can be an exciting thing for customers, and can also urge them to spread more awareness of how great and authentic your small business is. This can in turn increase your customer base, and spread your positive “company culture” beyond your everyday customers.

It is very important to exhibit positive “company culture” on your business’ social media because it shows a more personal and intimate side to your business. By showing the faces behind the brand name, you are adding value to your business astronomically. This makes customers more apt to support your business, and to tell family and friends about how great you are. Showing the devotion from employees, to the business they work for, is a very powerful idea. So, get out there! Start posting more employee-based content to get across to customers how great your business really is.


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