Blogging is one of the best ways to build a connection with your customers. It is more personalized and casual: the perfect combination to create lasting relationships with your business’ customer base. There are a few things you can do when starting a blog that can help enhance the communication of your business’ message, and in a more impactful manner.

The first blogging helpful hint is consistency. This does not mean your business has to post a blog every single day, but rather be constant about the times and days you are going to post. This means do not post everyday for one week, and then post nothing the following two weeks. It is better to come up with a schedule, such as twice a week, to keep up with the writing and give customers something to look forward to on a set day each week. Although frequency is up to the business to determine, some studies have led businesses to believe that posting four times a week is perfect. In other words, 16 posts a month received almost 3.5 times more traffic than companies publishing less than 4 times a week. * But all in all, just keep it consistent week-to-week for your customers.

Another blogging tip is to incorporate visuals into your blogs when possible. This will catch the reader’s eye, and almost make the blog more interactive. It is known that individuals retain 65% of the information presented when there is a visual added, compared to only 10% when there is no visual. ** Visuals do not just have to be pictures; a simple graph or chart demonstrating your main points can definitely suffice. The more basic and eye-catching, the better.

The last piece of blogging advice I will leave you with is to address customer questions in your writing. If your business is receiving the same questions or concerns on repeat, it is best to address it in a blog. This is because of the relaxed, more conversational tone of a blog. This way, not only are you addressing questions your customers have, but you are also creating a more open, interactive space for customer concerns to be openly spoken about.

Blogging can be a fantastic way of interacting with customers in a relaxed manner. Hopefully these three tips can help your small business grow and succeed through blogging. Keeping communication more personalized and open with customers through a blog puts your small business in a great position!




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