A huge part of marketing has to do with psychology and how the human mind operates. Once you have a basic understanding of how these things work together, you will be able to get through to your target audience much better. The fascinating part about our behavior is that it is often subconscious; we rarely recognize our reasoning behind why we do some of the things we do. So, when it comes to selling your product or service, you can use certain tricks to your advantage. By using these three psychological triggers, you can improve your social media marketing strategy!

  • Psychological trigger #1: Likability

One interesting psychological phenomenon that we might not even notice happening on a daily basis is that we prefer to say ‘yes’ to those who we like or who are similar to us. People like others because of shared interests and similarities, so in order to attract followers who share these similar interests, you have to be authentic. Share things that you like and that truly represent you as a brand so that people can really get to know you and relate to you. You can share fun facts about your business, tell your story, and talk about other things that your followers might not know about you to make that connection even stronger.

  • Psychological trigger #2: Anticipation

If you leave your followers wanting more, they are more than likely going to come back. Think about watching a TV series. When you’re left on a cliff-hanger, you simply can’t resist moving on to the next episode to find out what happens next. Playing on this psychological trigger will allow you to keep your followers much more engaged. You could show behind-the-scenes footage of a post before it goes live, talk about future plans and how excited you are before revealing what they are, or share a sneak peak of products that are going to launch soon. Any of these things will trigger that sense of curiosity in us, and will keep your followers coming back for more.

  • Psychological trigger #3: Reciprocity

When someone gives us something, we often feel compelled or obligated to give something back in return. In order to act upon this psychological trigger, you need to engage with your target audience. If you like and comment on your target audience’s feeds, they are likely to reciprocate. In addition, writing helpful captions, sharing tips, giving away free e-books or templates and other valuable content will compel your audience to engage more with you. Because you are giving something valuable to them for free, they are going to return the favor with likes and engagement.

If you are looking for ways to up your social media game, capitalizing upon these three psychological triggers will definitely help you out. They are easy to implement, and provide great returns, so give them a try and thank the psychology of the human mind for increasing your engagement and reach on any social media platform!


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