Life is busy and full of unknowns these days. One thing we do know for sure, however, is that your small business needs to continue to function well despite distractions that may come up along the way. Below are three tips to assist your small business in maximizing productivity on a daily basis, leading to long-term success.

  • Every business, big or small, needs a clear line of communication across the board. This line of communication needs to span from top executives of the business to those who are more hands-on, creating the products or completing the services for customers. There are numerous ways to keep up strong communication throughout your business. A method proven effective is utilizing a platform that allows for online chatting, like Slack or Skype. These platforms have numerous features that enable quick access to messaging tools. Slack allows for more relaxed emails, in a sense, to be sent back and forth between employees. Skype is another resource to use to your advantage, as you have the chat features, as well as a video call aspect to this service. Both of these platforms offer a balance between the casual text message, and the formal email. That way, communication is clear and open between all areas of the business which in turn, boosts productivity substantially.
  • Team meetings are another tool to use within your small business. The meetings can be in-person, or a video chat. These quick gatherings are important to have once a week, say Monday mornings at 10am. During this meeting, everyone in the company can go around and share what they are working on for the week, or share something great they completed recently. Not only does this increase communication, but it directly links to enhanced productivity. Employees should be interested to know what other segments of the business are working on, and how numerous projects will be coming together for one great end result. This can allow for employees to connect, as well. By knowing what co-workers are working on, employees can seek advice or expertise from each other on various projects. Although many are working from home or in separate locations now due to the pandemic, team meetings can easily be held utilizing a platform like Skype or Zoom. Just a short few minutes can assure management teams that everyone is up to pace on business news.
  • Lastly, working on one less-urgent task each day could be very beneficial to all employees. This enables employees to take a step back from their busy everyday projects, and work on something that is more ongoing. In addition, these more long-term projects often slip under the rug if pushed aside long enough. This way, guaranteeing employees take even the smallest portion of their day to check in on these less essential tasks allows for no steps to be skipped. It could be useful for each department of your business to have a virtual folder or something of that nature, consisting of these longer-lasting projects. So, free time or a break from daily chaos can result in productivity on these less-urgent assignments.

Hopefully these three tips can be utilized to your small business’ advantage today to become more productive daily. Smaller-scale efficiency can yield larger-scale results. Consistent communication across all departments, weekly team meetings, and incorporating non-urgent tasks into the daily workday are essential to your success!


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