As I wrote this title, I heard the cry of husbands all around the country, but its time to embrace online shopping… ESPECIALLY if you are a a retail store or have the ability to offer your services online.

In a time when businesses are forced to shut down, our website department has been busier than ever working round the clock to help our local business customers convert their brick and mortar stores to online boutiques.

I’m going to offer some quick tips that I share with my customers to hopefully help you & your business during these wild times. As always, you can reach out to us with questions and or request a consultation by requesting a free marketing analysis!{{cta(‘637e1c8c-1635-4f31-9281-7567eb02f0b9′,’justifycenter’)}}

Tips on how to take your business online!

  1. Contact your website designer / enable the e-commerce plugin on your website. If you need help with this, we can potentially offer hourly services to assist you and your website, even if it isn’t one we’ve built.
  2. Add your products online
  3. Use social media to showcase your products, you can still go to your store and take videos and pictures. Using Instagram & Facebook stories is great for this!
  4. Connect your payment processor
  5. Offer front porch delivery for local customers
  6. Leave a personal note when the delivery, ask your customers to tag you in a social media post

Despite the fact that people are currently out of work, many people are still shopping online and embracing the #shoplocal movement! Give your customers a way to support your business by offering them the opportunity to shop online!

We look forward to continuing to support you and even more we look forward to the country re-opening and adapting to the new normal!


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