Social media marketing is an excellent method of grasping the attention of customers everywhere. It can get exhausting always trying to generate new ideas of ways to better connect with customers. Hopefully the following four ideas get your wheels turning again!

  • A Question & Answer segment on a social media platform is very beneficial for your small business. This strategy allows for a more personal connection to form between your business and customers. This gives customers an inside look into various aspects of your business, and highlights strong customer service skills on your business’ behalf. Additionally, customers can get their specific questions answered and learn more about your products or services on a more detailed level.
  • Hosting a social media takeover can increase brand awareness for your small business dramatically. One option for this is allowing an employee to broadcast their day to day activities on your social media pages. This could, once again, give customers an inside look at the inner workings of your small business. Another idea in this realm is to allow an influencer of your brand take over your social media pages for the day. These influencers have a large following, and can really get your brand’s name out there.
  • Creating a series on your social media can keep up engagement with customers on an increased level. These series could be daily, weekly, or monthly and will increase interactions with customers, as well as excite them about visiting your pages. This is a great opportunity to explore topics that are pertinent to your customers in terms of your small business itself, and in the greater scheme of things happening in the world around us.
  • Finally, a contest or giveaway is always a go-to. These ideas promote increased engagement with customers. These events compel customers to follow your social media pages and like your posts. Also, for the customers who win the contest, they get to experience your brand’s product or service personally. They can then tell their family and friends about their success with your business, and a chain reaction of positive feedback begins.

These four social media marketing tips are effective, and can give your small business’ marketing team inspiration with new ideas on how to reach customers most effectively. Now, go try them out yourself!


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