You know when you visit a website and then a few hours later when you go back online, you see ads for that site everywhere you go? It may seem like a crazy coincidence, but that’s the magic of retargeting. This practice has become very common for many businesses in the past few years, and is designed to get visitors to come back to your site. Retargeting keeps brands in our cognitive zone, and increases our chances of returning to the site and making a purchase. So, if you want to increase traffic to your website, try using retargeting ads!

How does it work?

Every website includes a piece of javascript code, which sets a cookie in the visitor’s browser. After leaving the website and going elsewhere, the cookie ensures that the ads are shown to those who have previously visited that site.

You can deliver retargeted ads through Google AdWords, Facebook, and even LinkedIn. These ads do not allow advertisers to get any personal data from the visitor, they simply ensure that the visitors continue to see ads from the website so that they are reminded of it and potentially decide to return to make a purchase.

How can you make retargeting work for your business?

First, make sure that you set clear goals for your retargeting ads. Do you want to raise brand awareness, increase sales, or some other call to action? Once you determine what your end goal is with these ads, you will be better able to have a successful retargeting ad campaign.

Once you have your goal set, just make sure not to overdo it. Sometimes, customers can get annoyed with the amount of ads they are seeing. If it’s too much, it may turn them away. Limit the number of ads they see and the amount of days it shows up for. This way, they will still get reminded of your site without being bombarded. Also, make sure that the ads are tailored to the individual customer. If they were searching for apparel on your site, make sure they are exposed to those same products that they were looking at.

When done correctly, retargeting can be an extremely useful tool for increasing website traffic and boosting sales. For your small business, it could be a game changer. If you’re looking for more retargeting assistance, we can help with that!



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