Most places nowadays offer access to the internet via their WiFi network, but unlike online retailers, these brick-and-mortar stores don’t have access to low-cost digital marketing and analytics tools. This is where social WiFi marketing can help.

Social WiFi marketing occurs when your customers connect to your store’s WiFi by signing into their social network account. When a customer signs in through Facebook, you then have access to more information about that customer such as their likes, demographic data, and contact information. This then allows you to effectively retarget your customers through email, surveys, and their social networks. Below are a few more benefits you can receive from using WiFi marketing!

  • Increase your brand presence
    Once you have access to your customers’ contact information, it makes it a lot easier to market to them and stay fresh in their minds through digital marketing and email campaigns. The more your customers are exposed to your brand, the higher the chances are of them returning to your store.
  • Get to know your customers
    With access to more personal customer information, you are also able to get to know your customers better. You can learn more about their likes and dislikes as well as their buying behaviors. This allows you to create a better consumer-brand relationship.
  • Grow your CRM
    You can also use WiFi marketing to grow your CRM. Add customers’ names, contact information, demographic and behavioral data to your user database. Each customer who connects to your free WiFi services is another lead on your list! All you have to do is target these leads with promotion messaging to encourage repeat visits, ultimately leading to more consumer engagement and increased loyalty.
  • Develop relationships
    WiFi marketing is a great tool for building valuable relationships with your customers. Once you know more about each customer, you can craft messages that you know will resonate with that specific audience. You can even include special offers and promotions when users connect to your free WiFi to drive engagement while customers are in-store. This will definitely keep them interested in coming back to receive the same positive experience.

WiFi social media marketing provides an instant return on your investment. Not only does it dramatically improve your ability to connect with and understand your customers, but it also grows your online presence by increasing customer engagement. This increases the number of times they return to your store, ultimately increasing sales (and that is a great end goal)!

If you’re looking for more information about WiFi marketing and how to get started, we can help!


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