In today’s digital age, competition between businesses is higher than ever. How can you choose a company to purchase from when everyone is claiming that their products and services are the best? Here’s where customer reviews come in. People rely on online reviews to make a lot of their purchase decisions, which is why it is absolutely essential that you do your best to answer all of them– the good and the bad. Keep reading to discover a few more reasons why this activity is so important for your business.

  • Increase the Lifetime Value of your Customers
    When you respond to a customer review, the customer is usually notified about it, making this act an easy way to show your customers that you care about them. When customers feel appreciated, they are much more likely to become repeat customers and refer their friends! Oftentimes, businesses are so focused on finding new customers that they tend to give less attention to existing ones. If you are the business that responds to reviews, you are sure to stand out in the eyes of customers.
  • Boost SEO
    Every time you respond to a review, you get the chance to boost your SEO efforts by including relevant keywords in the review. Search engines use whatever information they can find on the internet to provide relevant content for users, so try to add context about your customer’s experience in your review, but remember to not overdo it with the keywords as you don’t want to come off as unauthentic. For example, if you are a local coffee shop in Maine, you could use the phrases “best ice coffee” and “Maine” in your response, which would help to increase your visibility!  
  • Enhance your Reputation
    In order to gain customers’ trust, you must put work into your online reputation. Just one poor review can turn away a potential customer, but, if you have an abundance of positive reviews, that one negative review is often discounted. We all know that there are bound to be unhappy customers, so if the majority of reviews are positive, prospective customers will see your company in a more positive light. Also, if customers see that the business has replied to all reviews (both positive and negative) in a thoughtful and honest manner, they are more likely to trust that business.

The more reviews you receive and respond to, prospective customers will see why they should choose your business over the competition. Responding to reviews shows that you care about all of your customers, and that will make you a leader in your industry. So, if you want to develop loyal customers and gain new ones, make sure you are responding to your online reviews!

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