User generated content is content created by people, not brands. It is one of the most effective tactics that any company can use to increase their overall exposure and engagement. Many consumers today look to other buyers for making purchasing decisions, and user generated content is a key factor in this decision-making process. It also helps to enhance your company’s search engine rankings, which is extremely important for the growth of your business. If you want to find out how user generated content can help enhance your company’s SEO strategy, keep reading!

  • User generated content provides fresh content
    Sometimes, it can be hard to come up with new social media content on your own. This is where user generated content can come in handy, as it is new and relevant in the eyes of consumers. A great way to get your hands on user generated content is by organizing a contest on social media where you have your followers tag your brand and use your brand’s hashtags in a picture of them using your product or service in exchange for a prize. This engagement can increase your website traffic and will ultimately enhance your search engine rankings. The more active and engaging you are on social media, the more your search engine ranking will improve.
  • User generated content is a great form of social proof
    Without seeing social proof for your products or services, customers may be less likely to invest their money into your business. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. If you see a product with no reviews or presence on social media, you don’t really know whether or not you can trust that brand if you’ve never heard about it before. The key is to invite your satisfied customers to share their experiences with your product or service online through user generated content campaigns. Not only do these testimonials take away any skepticism a customer may have, but they also can improve your search engine rankings. In these reviews, your customers may include words and phrases related to your products that will boost your SEO. Make sure to have a section on your website where customers can leave testimonials, as this will draw even more traffic to your site. 
  • User generated content can help you rank for long-tail keywords
    Long-tail keywords are extremely effective in strengthening your SEO strategy. They are keywords that are more specific and typically longer than more commonly searched for keywords, but they usually have a higher conversion rate.User generated content is the best way to find these long-tail keywords, as users will often use them in their content to describe your products or services. Look through customers’ reviews and testimonials to find what problems your products solved for your customers and the keywords that others with the same problem might search for. Once you find these long-tail keywords, you will be able to improve your SEO strategy.

As you can see, user generated content can be extremely beneficial to any business. Improving SEO is a huge part of increasing your online presence and boosting sales. Luckily, we can help you manage your SEO and come up with a custom plan for your business so that you start to see real results! If you want to see how you rank in search results, feel free to request our free marketing analysis here!

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