With over 800 million users worldwide, it is no surprise that Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites. Nowadays, as we start to transition more and more to the online world, platforms like Instagram are becoming increasingly important for small businesses to increase their influence. Here are a few reasons why it is essential that small businesses adopt Instagram.

  • Put a Face to Your Brand
    Instagram is a visual platform, and it is the perfect place to develop more personal connections with customers through images and videos. It provides you with the space to give your followers an inside look into your company and your team. By showing people around the office or store, projects you’re working on, or products you may be releasing soon, you are able to connect with them on a more human level, and they feel closer to your company as a result!
  • Spark a Call to Action
    One way you can take advantage of Instagram Stories is to spark a call to action. You can add links into your stories to direct viewers to your website, blog posts, and other social media handles. These links provide added value to your audience as they are able to consume all the content that you have to offer!
  • Provide Value for Your Customers
    Customers will follow and engage with your posts if you can provide them with something of value. Post high quality images, video content, and offer useful tips to eventually turn followers into paying customers! By consistently providing followers with helpful, informative, or entertaining content, you are likely to gain a larger following, and ultimately increase sales. 
  • Build Connections
    Instagram is a great place for you to connect with other businesses and individuals who share the same values and interests. You could consider doing a collaboration with a brand or a micro influencer to expand your consumer outreach. Influencer marketing is definitely on the rise, and if you can find a connection, it is a great way to drive sales!
  • Drive Traffic to Your Page
    With the use of hashtags, you can help users easily find your Instagram account. People interested in the content you provide will be able to easily find your page when they click on one of the hashtags you use that relates to your business. Also, you can create your own company hashtag for followers to use so that you can promote your brand and monitor its use. 

All of these reasons and more should convince you to join the Instagram community if you haven’t already! If you are already on Instagram, then you have probably seen a lot of the perks that come with it. It is a continuous process, but if you keep up with it, the benefits most definitely pay off!


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