We’re all adapting to the new normal, which for a lot of us entrepreneurs who also happen to be wives & moms, means we’re working from home while balancing our family and household responsibilities.

  • We’re having Zoom Meetings while kids or cats on our laps.
  • We’re educating our kids while running our companies.
  • We’re handling client requests while the dogs bark, kids play and husbands are taking conference calls in the other room.
  • We’re keeping up meal prepping, trying to get in some form of exercise while we keep our clients and families happy…

So how do we do it all? AND stay connected to our customers? Well, if you’re anything like me, you would be using this time to humanize yourself. We live in a culture where social media, especially for our businesses, is incredibly curated and poised, but right now we have the unique opportunity to connect with our customers on a deeper level through social media.

Here are some tips from a fellow Boss, Wife & Cat Mom. These tips are mostly for Business Owners who are their own brand… I.e. realtors, insurance agents, direct sales, hair stylists / make up artists. 

  1. Use your instagram stories and connect them to Facebook. Post throughout the day showing your life. You’re a human just like your clients and they will relate to you more if they can connect with you!
    1. Click on your settings in Instagram –> Accounts –> Linked Accounts & connect your personal facebook. (if you’re a brick and mortar business we will do a blog post all for you next 🙂 ) 
    2. Show yourself balancing work life & family… the kids playing while you work at your desk. You answering emails while the kids do school work.
    3. Give tutorials / tips relating to your business 
  2. Show REAL Life Posts – Keep it Real – let’s be honest, none of us are doing our hair and make up every day right now. We’re just trying to get through the day, actually remembering what day it is. Your clients or potential clients are going through the same thing. Take real pics, If you’re in your sweats thats ok! Be real with your audience!
  3. GO LIVE!!! – Give at home tips relating to your business. 
  4. Do Interactive Polls – Find out what your audience wants to see more of. EVERYONE is on social media right now. Use the polls feature on Instagram & Facebook Stories to poll your audience to find out what they’d like to see from you!

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Using the social media channels to connect with your customers & potential customers is a great way to stay in front of them while we’re all on lock down.

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Stay well

Aly <3


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