Social media is absolutely everywhere. It is now just the click of a button that allows customers to connect directly with your small business within seconds. Customer interactions with businesses everywhere have dramatically shifted for the better with the rise of social media. Users of various social media platforms are very invested in these platforms, as one brand’s page can take them to another one, and then to another from there. That is why it is so important that your small business mentions its vendors on your social media pages as much as you can.

By mentioning your small business’ vendors on social media, you are not only benefitting yourselves, but assisting in the marketing of your vendors as well. Think about it this way, your business cannot run smoothly without the support from your vendors, and your vendors need you to help promote them as well. This is something called “social mentions.” * Similarly to how your business can use the social mentions of your customers to your advantage from an advertising perspective, vendors can really benefit from social mentions of them in your social media feed.

“How can this benefit my small business?” is something you may be asking yourself right now. Social mentions allow for more of a community on your small business’ social media pages and websites. Many other businesses in your industry can communicate about vendors and connect through this newly formed network. Not only can other businesses learn about your amazing vendors and potentially invest in them themselves, but you are showing this sense of reliability through showcasing your vendors on social media. Customers will love to see what goes into your business and what kinds of resources are used, such as sustainably-based resources, etc. From all perspectives involved in your business, social mentions are a positive concept.

Social mentions allow for a mutually beneficial relationship between your small business and your vendors. This is the best case scenario as you are promoting those that help your business function, while creating a community for your industry on social media. Next time you post on your business’ social media, consider including a quick mention of your vendors!



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